Friday, October 29, 2010

Blanche Lincoln is ObamaGirl

Obama Hearts Blanche Lincoln
She's My ObamaCare Girl
She Needs More Stimulus Money
To Spread Around
H/T ARRA News Service: Blanche Lincoln Scatters Money to Farmers On Way Out; Rothenberg Predicts "Bloodbath"

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Arkansas Congressional Candidate Chad Causey Allied With Dangerous Islamist

In a previous post, there was a reference to Chad Causey association with a radical Isalmist Iman:
"As reported by Congressional records, Causey was even funded by a radical Turkish Imam named Fathullah Gulen for a 10 day paid trip to Turkey to participate in training (indoctrination) in Turkey. In fact the Gulen Movement adherents already have a foothold in Arkansas and currently run two schools called the Little Scholars of Arkansas (LISA) academies, one in Little Rock and one in Sherwood, AR. Utah has already taken action to close one of the network's school."
A group of concerned Arkansas women have scoured the records and other sources in an effort to either prove or disapprove the above statements related to Chad Causey. Causey cannot hide from the documented facts presented. The report documented references alone lead to serious questions and observations.

Why did Chad Causey accept funding from a radical Imam to go to Turkey to attend at this "training?" Why did Congressman Berry approve the paid trip by this radical organization? But then again, maybe Berry's office chief Chad Causey approved his own trip or slipped the item past his boss. Going to Turkey for "training" by a group supported by the "most dangerous Islamist in the world" would not be the choice of most Congressional staffers or Arkansans.

What did Causey know about the Gulen Movement? Why did this radical group spend the money on a young staffer working for an Arkansas Congressman? Either Causey clearly knew what he was doing when he accepting this trip by this Islamist group, or Causey is a total dunce and ignorant of the dangers of foreign threats to our country and our American culture. Causey must explain his involvement with this group!

We wish this information had been discovered sooner as it shines another light on the extreme differences between the candidates running for Congress for Arkansas 1st District.

Chad Causey has lived and acted as a liberal in Washington. He has no military experience; has avoided committed relationships. Now, we have learned that he found time to associate with Islamists and attended one of their extended training programs in a foreign county developed by one of the "most dangerous Islamist in the world." Causey's only claim to experience is his vicariously co-opting of his boss's experience.

Again, why did Chad Causey accept Islamist funding to travel to Turkey for an extended training program? Why did his request form claim he would be in one location and his personal report identify that he attended the training 200 miles from the original location? Was he required to file a report with the FBI of this training and actions overseas with this group? Causey has shown an ignorance of foreign affairs by his willingness to associate with extreme radicals. Chad what were you thinking?

Why are liberals and the national DNC pouring so much money into the 1st Congressional district? Would they do that for a "conservative" candidate? Obviously not! The big lie is evident in the television and radio ads promoting Causey and attacking a decorated conservative veteran, Rick Crawford.

Please read the below article. But for a quick read, review the references at the end of the article. Shocking information!

Fethullah Gulen has been called the most dangerous Islamist in the world and has been exiled from Turkey. So just why did Democrat candidate for US Representative Chad Causey post a glowing report on Gulen's website describing his $3,020.00 trip to Turkey that he took in 2008. Causey's trip was sponsored by the "Rumi Forum for Interfaith Dialogue" and approved my Representative Marion Berry. Rumi Forum's website confirms that Fetuallh Gulen is Honorary President of the Rumi Forum.

Gulen is known for the schools he has established around the world and has been called by some a Turkish Khomeini. USA Today reported in an article covering the controversial aspects of Gulen that "Gulen was charged with trying to create an Islamic state in Turkey." Turkey's National Security Council condemned Gulen for "trying to undermine the country's secular institutions, concealing his methods behind a democratic and moderate image." Gulen fled Turkey in 1998 to avoid prosecution on these charges of trying to establish an Islamic government.

"According to Bayram Balci, a Turkish scholar, the Gulen schools that have been established throughout the world seek… to bring about a universal caliphate ruled by Islamic [Sharia] law. Fethullah Gülen trained and worked as a state imam from 1959 to 1981.

"Several countries have outlawed the establishment of Gulen Schools and communities within their borders—including Russia and Uzbekistan," and the Netherlands that embraces pluralism and tolerance has cut funding for the Gulen schools. Just why would Rumi Forum sponsor a $3,020.00 trip for Chad Causey as Chief of Staff for Marion Berry to go to Turkey? Obviously the intent of the Rumi Forum and Gulen was to feed Causey propaganda in an effort to gain favors of some sort and perhaps to seek Causey's help to establish some charter schools in Arkansas – of course under pretense of bringing Christians and Muslims together under "interfaith dialogue." Ninety of these charter schools have been established in the United States already and paid for by taxpayers.

But how many parents would send their children to Gulen-inspired schools if they knew what they were all about? They bring many Muslim teachers from Turkey to work in these charter schools.

And why would Causey go on the trip? Did he fail to investigate this organization and learn about Gulen's controversial techniques before going on the trip. And why did Causey''s glowing report on the trip show up on Gulen's website. On Rumi and Gulen's part, I am sure it was to enhance their standing among governmental officials.

Did Causey still fail to see through the Rumi Forum on "interfaith dialogue" even after he made the trip? Or does he hold the philosophy as many liberals do that all religions are equal and have the same root. Or does he have a soft spot for the Muslim nation as does the leader of his Democrat Party, President Obama?

Before any Arkansans consider voting for Causey to a position of great power in this country, they need to know the answers to these questions.

1. Link to Gulen most dangerous Islamist.
2. Link to Causey's report on Gulen Movement website. [According to the documents on record, his trip was to Istanbul, but in his own words, he says that he visited Ankara, Turkey, over 200 miles away:
3. Congressional confirmation of the cost for Chad Causey's trip and Rumi Forum as sponsor. [Chad Causey,attended a meeting sponsored by a group in Ankara, Turkey called the Rumi Forum between 5/4/2008 and 6/1/2008]
4. On Rumin Formum website, Gulen is Honorary President.
5. Gulen - a Turkish Khomeini.
6. USA Today on controversial aspects of Gulen
7. Turkey National Security Council condemned Gulen
8. Gulen fled Turkey on charges of trying to establish and Islamic government.
9. Gulen schools are established to bring about a universal caliphate. And also more than 90 of these madrasses have been established as charter schools throughout the United States
10. Gulen was the state Iman from 1959 to 1981.
11. Several countries have outlawed the establishment of Gulen Schools. [The most dangerous Islamist in the world . . . Fethullan Gulen and he resides not in the wilds of southern Turkey - - but the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. . . . Gulen is surrounded by an army of over 100 Turkish Islamists, who guard him and tend to his needs. The army is comprised of armed militants]
12. 90 of these schools have been established in the US. [His schools indoctrinate children in the tenets of radical Islam and prepare adolescents for the Islamization of the world..]
13. Muslim teachers come from Turkey to US and other countries to teach in these schools. Other websites confirm this but this link is to Gulen's related website.

Added References Not identified by the above document:
- A biography of Fathullah Gulen by the Arizona Star
- The Gulen Movement is a worldwide organization which has established a global network
- Members of the movement are currently in a rapid expansion of these schools in the United States. The schools are almost exclusively staffed by Turkish men, and operate as "Charter Schools" under state law, and receive many millions of taxpayer dollars.
- Graphic depiction of the scope of this network
- The 33 Gulen Movement schools in Texas operate under the umbrella of the "Cosmos Foundation, Inc.", which does not list it's Board of Directors, and does not publish it's Annual Report as most legitimate foundations do. In fact, the only sign that it is an Islamic organization is the shape of the letter "C" on its logo.
- Gulen Movement adherents currently run two schools in Arkansas called the Little Scholars of Arkansas called (LISA) academies:
   - Lisa Academy 21 Corporate Hill Dr., Little Rock, AR 72205
   - Lisa Academy-North 5410 Landers Rd Sherwood, AR 72117
-The Staff Listing shows that Turkish males dominate the organization of these schools
- In June, 2010, Utah state officials closed one of the Gulen network's schools - found it to be bankrupt, - it had paid exorbitant fees to another Gulen Movement organization for "Professional Development", and - spent tens of thousands of dollars obtaining H1B visas for Turkish teachers who were not state certified and could barely speak English.
- A troubling video by the Gulen Movement proudly promotes a 'sermon' by Fathullah Gulen on how members should keep secrets: "The details of many important affairs can be protected only if they are kept secret. Often enough, when the involved parties do not keep certain matters secret, no progress is achieved. In addition, serious risks might confront those who are involved, particularly if the matter concerns delicate issues of national life and its continuation.

If a state cannot protect its secrets from its enemies, it cannot develop. If an army reveals its strategy to its antagonists, it cannot attain victory. If key workers are won over by the competitors, their employers cannot succeed.

Explain what you must, but never give away all of your secrets. Those who freely publicize the secrets of their hearts drag themselves and their nation toward an inevitable downfall."

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chad Causey: Washington Yes Man [Video] - Is He A Yes Man for a Radical Imam?

Chad Causey is an a Democrat yes man for Pelosi and Obama. For his entire employable life, he has been a democrat staffer and in the last few years as Chief of Staff for Marion Berry, he steered Berry's agenda for Nancy Pelosi. He knows nothing else in his life but living off of the public dole as a Washington insider. A life-long congressional staffer who took over $800,000 in taxpayer funded salary and benefits.

As reported by Congressional records, Causey was even funded by a radical Turkish Imam named Fathullah Gulen for a 10 day paid trip to Turkey to participate in training (indoctrination) in Turkey. In fact the the Gulen Movement adherents already have a foothold in Arkansas and currently run two schools called the Little Scholars of Arkansas  (LISA) academies, one in Little Rock and one in Sherwood, AR. Utah has already taken action to close one of the network's school.

If not elected, we cannot stop Causey from working for another progressive democrat pushing the Obama agenda or potentially lobbying and promoting the the above Imam's radical Muslim agenda. But we can stop him from doing so as a Congressman from the 1st District Arkansans.  We have a better option - Vote for Rick Crawford for Congress!

The  comments, although related, are solely independent of the additional facts presented by the producers of the following video

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Rep. Tom Price Endorses Beth Anne Rankin

ARRA News Service - Arkansas 4th Congressional District candidate Beth Anne Rankin was endorsed Monday by Representative Tom Price (R-GA) the chairman of the Republican House Study Committee, a caucus of conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Congressman Price said Fourth Congressional District Arkansans need to elect Rankin because she is a better choice than Democrat Mike Ross. He called Ross an an enabler of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her far left political agenda.

“We have tried the tax, borrow, and spend agenda of Speaker Pelosi and Congressional Democrats, and American families are now living with the massive debt, uncertainty, and economic ruin it has created,” Price said. “Beth Anne Rankin believes we can do better and that our children and grandchildren deserve leadership in Washington that will not mortgage their future. I look forward to working with Beth Anne as we take our nation in a positive, pro-growth direction.”

Rankin said Price understands that the Fourth Congressional district race is not only important to Arkansas, but the entire nation. "I am honored to have the endorsement of Congressman Tom Price. With the shocking vote of Congressman Mike Ross on September 29th to stand with Pelosi and defy the efforts of both Democrats and Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts highlights just how critical this race is,” Rankin said. “Not only did the Fourth District need their congressman to stand up and fight right now for the extension of the tax cuts, but all of America needed Mike Ross to stand up and do the right thing. Appallingly, he did not. At a 210-209 vote, he and Pelosi were the deciding votes to adjourn without action on the desperately-needed tax cuts. We need to send a true conservative to Congress, and that is not Congressman Mike Ross."
Price is the author of a Republican alternative health care reform bill that Pelosi used her power as Speaker to prevent from being considered. The Empowering Patients First Act of 2009, or H.R. 3400, would bring about positive changes to provide access for all Americans to affordable, quality health care. Since he was elected to Congress in 2004, Price's priorities in Congress have been reforming the tax system, strengthening health care and education, keeping American families safe, ensuring enforcement of immigration laws and promoting a 21st century energy plan.

Rankin is a small business owner and seventh-generation south Arkansan who spent seven years working as Policy Advisor for State-Federal Affairs in the Governor's Office for Gov. Mike Huckabee. As Policy Advisor Rankin served as the liaison to the National Governors Association, the Southern Governors Association, Capitol Hill and the White House. Rankin coordinated the Governor's Summit on Economic Development. She also served as a Board Member on the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission. Raised on the Rankin Farm in Magnolia, she was an honor graduate of Magnolia High School, attended Southern Arkansas University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ouachita Baptist University with a double major in history and music. She is a Nationally-Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) owns Beth Anne Productions, a music teaching studio.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two More Reasons Jim Keet Is Running For Governor

These are the two reasons why Jim Keet is running: his grandsons. He wants to stop wasteful government spending that falls on the backs of Arkansas' future generations. It's time the government focuses their energy on creating new jobs. Watch this spot and vote for Jim Keet on November 2nd! [Video]

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NRCC Takes On D.C. Liberal Political Operative Chad Casey

ARRA News Service: NRCC : The NRCC takes on long time D.C. liberal political operative Chad Casey in its newly released ad.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

John Thurston for Land Commissioner

[John Thurston for Land Commissioner Video]

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