Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Former Wooldridge Staffers Join Crawford Campaign

While liberal Democrats in Washington cry about a lack of bipartisanship because conservatives will not bow down and accept the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda, bipartisanship is alive and well in Arkansas' First Congressional District.

Conservative Republican candidate Rick Crawford today announced that three high-level former staffers of the Wooldridge for Congress campaign are now working for the Jonesboro Republican. Tim Wooldridge lost his bid for the Democratic nomination in the First District in Arkansas' primary. Chad Causey defeated Wooldridge and will run against Crawford for the seat being vacated by Marion Berry.

"Todd Gazaway, of Paragould, served as Campaign Chairman for the Tim Wooldridge for Congress Campaign. Todd will hold a similar position with Crawford and cited Rick's conservative values as the reason for his support. 'Rick is the pro-life, pro-traditional values candidate that reflects my values and the values of Arkansans in the First District. It will be an honor working with him and his other senior staff as we progress further in his campaign.'

Barry Phillips, of Jonesboro, served as a senior staff member and financial advisor for the Tim Wooldridge for Congress Campaign. Phillps, who like Gazaway cited Crawford's conservative values, also underscored Rick's experience in job creation as his reason for joining the campaign. 'Rick understands that every piece of legislation has a moral implication for families in the First District and I believe Rick is the person we need in Washington at this very critical time in our country.'

Doug Smith, of Cave City, who served as senior field director for Tim Wooldridge for Congress, will serve in the same position on the Crawford Campaign. Rick is going to do all he can to help put people back to work and ensure that Arkansans in the First District come first, not any political agenda in Washington.'"

These former Democrat staffers realize we cannot afford to send Causey, Berry's former chief-of-staff, to Washington.
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