Thursday, January 21, 2010

Open Letter to Leaders - Illegals legal?

Conress.Org: Open Letter to Leaders - Illegals legal?
To: President Barack Obama
Sen. Blanche Lincoln
Sen. Mark Pryor
Rep. Marion Berry

January 8, 2010

Just when are you going to start worrying about the people who put their money where their mouth is and support this country by working their asses off unlike these people who sit in high offices have had their wealth given to them and don't even worry about paying their fair share. These same people cheat on their taxes and then say I just didn't know.

You do not need to make open borders and legalizing these people who are lawbreakers. We have a 10% unemployment rate and you are wanting to give our jobs to illegal immigrants. NO to legalizing these lawbreakers and yes to upholding the will of the American people. This country is in debt already and Your job is to uphold the Constitution of which I'm beginning to believe you people don't believe in anymore it has become a party thing instead of the will of the people. At one time I believed in you and put my faith in you to stand up for our beliefs. Now I realize you are just in this for your own reasons and I'm ashamed of you.

Osceola , AR

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Christian Jorgensen said...

To say the least, and that is sugar coating it, Shamnesty is a vehicle in which we are all subjugated to reduced non living wages and slave like treatment by those that employ us. It is greed that drives that bus baby, and the joke is on us. As a contractor I am forced to bid against illegal alien contractors who do the work for often 80% less than me. They don't pay taxes,don't have a license, or have Workman's comp. If a worker gets hurt on the job, homeowner will pay all medical bills and if serious enough of a injury, worker will own that home. If you sell home, and there is a problem with contractor defect (no statute of limitations) original owner can be sued for damages. It is cheaper to do it right first time !!! Plus what about our children's futures ??? What if they don't go to college? They will be Dependant on you till you die !!! Paying a person a living wage is far cheaper in the long run. It is a documented fact !!!