Saturday, January 2, 2010

Marion Berry and Riceland Foods taking Millions from the taxpayer

by Harvey Edwards on Topix local News: A Search of the USA Government Spending shows that Marion Berry and Riceland foods take Millions from the taxpayer while the Citizens of Stuttgart can't even find jobs. A breakdown of the Federal Spending on just one town of 10,000 folks. RICELAND FOODS INC $13,485,986 STUTTGART APTS INC $3,210,110 STUTTGART HOUSING AUTHORITY $2,906,195 INC PRODUCERS RICE MILL $1,891,560 HIP BIG-MO FARM PARTNERS $600,444 IP COKER FARM PARTNERSH $365,600 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS $322,296 BELLPOINT INDEPENDENT LIVING INC ... [Full Story]

Tags: AR, AR-01, earmarks, government spending, Marion Berry, Riceland Food, unemployed

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