Friday, November 5, 2010

History Was Made in Arkansas - Summary of Republican Election Victories

Katherine Vasilos, Republican Party of Arkansas: History was made Tuesday night in the state of Arkansas! The Republican Party would like to humbly thank you for the work you did, support you offered and votes you cast which allowed our vision for balance in government to become a tangible reality.

Today Arkansas is a becoming a two-party state. One United States Senator. Three out of four United States Congressmen. Three out of seven Constitutional Officers. Forty-four out of 100 State House Members and 15 out of 35 State Senators. Hundreds of Republicans elected to offices like Mayor, Justice of the Peace and City Council. Never in Arkansas’ history has the Republican Party held so many offices at so many different levels of government.

We also had a lot of firsts. John Thurston is the first Republican Land Commissioner elected since 1868. State Rep. Mark Martin is the first Republican to be elected Secretary of State since 1870. And Congressman Elect Rick Crawford is the first Republican to hold the First District seat since Reconstruction.

We congratulate U.S. Senator Elect John Boozman, 2 nd District Congressman Elect Tim Griffin, 3 rd District Congressman Elect Steve Womack, Lt. Governor Elect Mark Darr, and the 59 men and women who will represent you in our State Legislature.

Arkansas is a historically conservative state and the 2008 presidential election of liberal Democrat Barack Obama provoked every Natural State citizen to research and question the beliefs, principles and voting records of their representatives at the local, statewide and federal levels of government. The result – the largest number of Republican elected officials our state has ever seen!

Our work is not done. The Republican Party of Arkansas will strive to remain a conservative voice for your values, while working diligently to move our state and nation in the right direction. We will work for you, the electorate, and will never turn a blind eye when you ask for your voice to be heard!

2010 – The year we will never forget. This is the year our children and grandchildren will read about in textbooks. And it was you who helped make it happen.

Help us keep the momentum! 2010 is just the beginning of our journey to build a two-party system in Arkansas. Consider donating $20.10 to represent the year you elected the largest number of officials who embody your conservative values. The stakes have never been higher.

2010, the year we Painted Arkansas Red!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Blanche Lincoln is ObamaGirl

Obama Hearts Blanche Lincoln
She's My ObamaCare Girl
She Needs More Stimulus Money
To Spread Around
H/T ARRA News Service: Blanche Lincoln Scatters Money to Farmers On Way Out; Rothenberg Predicts "Bloodbath"

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Arkansas Congressional Candidate Chad Causey Allied With Dangerous Islamist

In a previous post, there was a reference to Chad Causey association with a radical Isalmist Iman:
"As reported by Congressional records, Causey was even funded by a radical Turkish Imam named Fathullah Gulen for a 10 day paid trip to Turkey to participate in training (indoctrination) in Turkey. In fact the Gulen Movement adherents already have a foothold in Arkansas and currently run two schools called the Little Scholars of Arkansas (LISA) academies, one in Little Rock and one in Sherwood, AR. Utah has already taken action to close one of the network's school."
A group of concerned Arkansas women have scoured the records and other sources in an effort to either prove or disapprove the above statements related to Chad Causey. Causey cannot hide from the documented facts presented. The report documented references alone lead to serious questions and observations.

Why did Chad Causey accept funding from a radical Imam to go to Turkey to attend at this "training?" Why did Congressman Berry approve the paid trip by this radical organization? But then again, maybe Berry's office chief Chad Causey approved his own trip or slipped the item past his boss. Going to Turkey for "training" by a group supported by the "most dangerous Islamist in the world" would not be the choice of most Congressional staffers or Arkansans.

What did Causey know about the Gulen Movement? Why did this radical group spend the money on a young staffer working for an Arkansas Congressman? Either Causey clearly knew what he was doing when he accepting this trip by this Islamist group, or Causey is a total dunce and ignorant of the dangers of foreign threats to our country and our American culture. Causey must explain his involvement with this group!

We wish this information had been discovered sooner as it shines another light on the extreme differences between the candidates running for Congress for Arkansas 1st District.

Chad Causey has lived and acted as a liberal in Washington. He has no military experience; has avoided committed relationships. Now, we have learned that he found time to associate with Islamists and attended one of their extended training programs in a foreign county developed by one of the "most dangerous Islamist in the world." Causey's only claim to experience is his vicariously co-opting of his boss's experience.

Again, why did Chad Causey accept Islamist funding to travel to Turkey for an extended training program? Why did his request form claim he would be in one location and his personal report identify that he attended the training 200 miles from the original location? Was he required to file a report with the FBI of this training and actions overseas with this group? Causey has shown an ignorance of foreign affairs by his willingness to associate with extreme radicals. Chad what were you thinking?

Why are liberals and the national DNC pouring so much money into the 1st Congressional district? Would they do that for a "conservative" candidate? Obviously not! The big lie is evident in the television and radio ads promoting Causey and attacking a decorated conservative veteran, Rick Crawford.

Please read the below article. But for a quick read, review the references at the end of the article. Shocking information!

Fethullah Gulen has been called the most dangerous Islamist in the world and has been exiled from Turkey. So just why did Democrat candidate for US Representative Chad Causey post a glowing report on Gulen's website describing his $3,020.00 trip to Turkey that he took in 2008. Causey's trip was sponsored by the "Rumi Forum for Interfaith Dialogue" and approved my Representative Marion Berry. Rumi Forum's website confirms that Fetuallh Gulen is Honorary President of the Rumi Forum.

Gulen is known for the schools he has established around the world and has been called by some a Turkish Khomeini. USA Today reported in an article covering the controversial aspects of Gulen that "Gulen was charged with trying to create an Islamic state in Turkey." Turkey's National Security Council condemned Gulen for "trying to undermine the country's secular institutions, concealing his methods behind a democratic and moderate image." Gulen fled Turkey in 1998 to avoid prosecution on these charges of trying to establish an Islamic government.

"According to Bayram Balci, a Turkish scholar, the Gulen schools that have been established throughout the world seek… to bring about a universal caliphate ruled by Islamic [Sharia] law. Fethullah Gülen trained and worked as a state imam from 1959 to 1981.

"Several countries have outlawed the establishment of Gulen Schools and communities within their borders—including Russia and Uzbekistan," and the Netherlands that embraces pluralism and tolerance has cut funding for the Gulen schools. Just why would Rumi Forum sponsor a $3,020.00 trip for Chad Causey as Chief of Staff for Marion Berry to go to Turkey? Obviously the intent of the Rumi Forum and Gulen was to feed Causey propaganda in an effort to gain favors of some sort and perhaps to seek Causey's help to establish some charter schools in Arkansas – of course under pretense of bringing Christians and Muslims together under "interfaith dialogue." Ninety of these charter schools have been established in the United States already and paid for by taxpayers.

But how many parents would send their children to Gulen-inspired schools if they knew what they were all about? They bring many Muslim teachers from Turkey to work in these charter schools.

And why would Causey go on the trip? Did he fail to investigate this organization and learn about Gulen's controversial techniques before going on the trip. And why did Causey''s glowing report on the trip show up on Gulen's website. On Rumi and Gulen's part, I am sure it was to enhance their standing among governmental officials.

Did Causey still fail to see through the Rumi Forum on "interfaith dialogue" even after he made the trip? Or does he hold the philosophy as many liberals do that all religions are equal and have the same root. Or does he have a soft spot for the Muslim nation as does the leader of his Democrat Party, President Obama?

Before any Arkansans consider voting for Causey to a position of great power in this country, they need to know the answers to these questions.

1. Link to Gulen most dangerous Islamist.
2. Link to Causey's report on Gulen Movement website. [According to the documents on record, his trip was to Istanbul, but in his own words, he says that he visited Ankara, Turkey, over 200 miles away:
3. Congressional confirmation of the cost for Chad Causey's trip and Rumi Forum as sponsor. [Chad Causey,attended a meeting sponsored by a group in Ankara, Turkey called the Rumi Forum between 5/4/2008 and 6/1/2008]
4. On Rumin Formum website, Gulen is Honorary President.
5. Gulen - a Turkish Khomeini.
6. USA Today on controversial aspects of Gulen
7. Turkey National Security Council condemned Gulen
8. Gulen fled Turkey on charges of trying to establish and Islamic government.
9. Gulen schools are established to bring about a universal caliphate. And also more than 90 of these madrasses have been established as charter schools throughout the United States
10. Gulen was the state Iman from 1959 to 1981.
11. Several countries have outlawed the establishment of Gulen Schools. [The most dangerous Islamist in the world . . . Fethullan Gulen and he resides not in the wilds of southern Turkey - - but the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. . . . Gulen is surrounded by an army of over 100 Turkish Islamists, who guard him and tend to his needs. The army is comprised of armed militants]
12. 90 of these schools have been established in the US. [His schools indoctrinate children in the tenets of radical Islam and prepare adolescents for the Islamization of the world..]
13. Muslim teachers come from Turkey to US and other countries to teach in these schools. Other websites confirm this but this link is to Gulen's related website.

Added References Not identified by the above document:
- A biography of Fathullah Gulen by the Arizona Star
- The Gulen Movement is a worldwide organization which has established a global network
- Members of the movement are currently in a rapid expansion of these schools in the United States. The schools are almost exclusively staffed by Turkish men, and operate as "Charter Schools" under state law, and receive many millions of taxpayer dollars.
- Graphic depiction of the scope of this network
- The 33 Gulen Movement schools in Texas operate under the umbrella of the "Cosmos Foundation, Inc.", which does not list it's Board of Directors, and does not publish it's Annual Report as most legitimate foundations do. In fact, the only sign that it is an Islamic organization is the shape of the letter "C" on its logo.
- Gulen Movement adherents currently run two schools in Arkansas called the Little Scholars of Arkansas called (LISA) academies:
   - Lisa Academy 21 Corporate Hill Dr., Little Rock, AR 72205
   - Lisa Academy-North 5410 Landers Rd Sherwood, AR 72117
-The Staff Listing shows that Turkish males dominate the organization of these schools
- In June, 2010, Utah state officials closed one of the Gulen network's schools - found it to be bankrupt, - it had paid exorbitant fees to another Gulen Movement organization for "Professional Development", and - spent tens of thousands of dollars obtaining H1B visas for Turkish teachers who were not state certified and could barely speak English.
- A troubling video by the Gulen Movement proudly promotes a 'sermon' by Fathullah Gulen on how members should keep secrets: "The details of many important affairs can be protected only if they are kept secret. Often enough, when the involved parties do not keep certain matters secret, no progress is achieved. In addition, serious risks might confront those who are involved, particularly if the matter concerns delicate issues of national life and its continuation.

If a state cannot protect its secrets from its enemies, it cannot develop. If an army reveals its strategy to its antagonists, it cannot attain victory. If key workers are won over by the competitors, their employers cannot succeed.

Explain what you must, but never give away all of your secrets. Those who freely publicize the secrets of their hearts drag themselves and their nation toward an inevitable downfall."

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chad Causey: Washington Yes Man [Video] - Is He A Yes Man for a Radical Imam?

Chad Causey is an a Democrat yes man for Pelosi and Obama. For his entire employable life, he has been a democrat staffer and in the last few years as Chief of Staff for Marion Berry, he steered Berry's agenda for Nancy Pelosi. He knows nothing else in his life but living off of the public dole as a Washington insider. A life-long congressional staffer who took over $800,000 in taxpayer funded salary and benefits.

As reported by Congressional records, Causey was even funded by a radical Turkish Imam named Fathullah Gulen for a 10 day paid trip to Turkey to participate in training (indoctrination) in Turkey. In fact the the Gulen Movement adherents already have a foothold in Arkansas and currently run two schools called the Little Scholars of Arkansas  (LISA) academies, one in Little Rock and one in Sherwood, AR. Utah has already taken action to close one of the network's school.

If not elected, we cannot stop Causey from working for another progressive democrat pushing the Obama agenda or potentially lobbying and promoting the the above Imam's radical Muslim agenda. But we can stop him from doing so as a Congressman from the 1st District Arkansans.  We have a better option - Vote for Rick Crawford for Congress!

The  comments, although related, are solely independent of the additional facts presented by the producers of the following video

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Rep. Tom Price Endorses Beth Anne Rankin

ARRA News Service - Arkansas 4th Congressional District candidate Beth Anne Rankin was endorsed Monday by Representative Tom Price (R-GA) the chairman of the Republican House Study Committee, a caucus of conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Congressman Price said Fourth Congressional District Arkansans need to elect Rankin because she is a better choice than Democrat Mike Ross. He called Ross an an enabler of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her far left political agenda.

“We have tried the tax, borrow, and spend agenda of Speaker Pelosi and Congressional Democrats, and American families are now living with the massive debt, uncertainty, and economic ruin it has created,” Price said. “Beth Anne Rankin believes we can do better and that our children and grandchildren deserve leadership in Washington that will not mortgage their future. I look forward to working with Beth Anne as we take our nation in a positive, pro-growth direction.”

Rankin said Price understands that the Fourth Congressional district race is not only important to Arkansas, but the entire nation. "I am honored to have the endorsement of Congressman Tom Price. With the shocking vote of Congressman Mike Ross on September 29th to stand with Pelosi and defy the efforts of both Democrats and Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts highlights just how critical this race is,” Rankin said. “Not only did the Fourth District need their congressman to stand up and fight right now for the extension of the tax cuts, but all of America needed Mike Ross to stand up and do the right thing. Appallingly, he did not. At a 210-209 vote, he and Pelosi were the deciding votes to adjourn without action on the desperately-needed tax cuts. We need to send a true conservative to Congress, and that is not Congressman Mike Ross."
Price is the author of a Republican alternative health care reform bill that Pelosi used her power as Speaker to prevent from being considered. The Empowering Patients First Act of 2009, or H.R. 3400, would bring about positive changes to provide access for all Americans to affordable, quality health care. Since he was elected to Congress in 2004, Price's priorities in Congress have been reforming the tax system, strengthening health care and education, keeping American families safe, ensuring enforcement of immigration laws and promoting a 21st century energy plan.

Rankin is a small business owner and seventh-generation south Arkansan who spent seven years working as Policy Advisor for State-Federal Affairs in the Governor's Office for Gov. Mike Huckabee. As Policy Advisor Rankin served as the liaison to the National Governors Association, the Southern Governors Association, Capitol Hill and the White House. Rankin coordinated the Governor's Summit on Economic Development. She also served as a Board Member on the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission. Raised on the Rankin Farm in Magnolia, she was an honor graduate of Magnolia High School, attended Southern Arkansas University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ouachita Baptist University with a double major in history and music. She is a Nationally-Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) owns Beth Anne Productions, a music teaching studio.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two More Reasons Jim Keet Is Running For Governor

These are the two reasons why Jim Keet is running: his grandsons. He wants to stop wasteful government spending that falls on the backs of Arkansas' future generations. It's time the government focuses their energy on creating new jobs. Watch this spot and vote for Jim Keet on November 2nd! [Video]

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NRCC Takes On D.C. Liberal Political Operative Chad Casey

ARRA News Service: NRCC : The NRCC takes on long time D.C. liberal political operative Chad Casey in its newly released ad.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

John Thurston for Land Commissioner

[John Thurston for Land Commissioner Video]

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

US Chamber of Commerce Endorses Crawford for Congress

US Chamber of Commerce Endorses Crawford for Congress
“Pro Business Group’s Endorsement Continues to Build Crawford’s Main Street Momentum”

Jonesboro- Today, the United States Chamber of Commerce added it’s sought after endorsement to the long list of respected groups and leaders that have thrown their support behind Rick Crawford’s campaign for Congress. In a letter Chamber President Tom Donohue stated; “It is the Chambers goal to elect a pro-business Congress and work diligently in the interests of businesses large and small to advance legislation that encourages economic growth, job creation, and a less intrusive federal government Your support of pro-business issues earned this endorsement.”

The US Chamber of Commerce represents more than 3 million US businesses across the United States, 96% of which have fewer than 100 employees.

Crawford added, “This is another great endorsement and I am honored to have this great organizations support. As a small business owner I know how important it is that we protect and defend our small business community in the first district. As the first districts representative I will not rest when it comes to advocating for our Arkansas business’s by extending the small business taxes cuts and repealing ObamaCare.”

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Razorback Lessons - John Boozman

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Arkansas Being Painted Red

ARRA News Service. - The liberal New York Times indicates as of 8/31/10 that Arkansas is going "red" (Republican) in the November elections. However, conservatives are not resting but are out there on all fronts in Arkansas working to see that this occurs. The latest NYT status report for Congress:

Arkansas Senate Profile
Democratic Incumbent
Blanche Lincoln

John Boozman
New York Times Race Rating

Leaning Republican
Lincoln avoided being swept up by the anti-incumbent mood in the primary election, she remains one of the most vulnerable Democratic senators. Republicans view the race in Arkansas as one of their best opportunities to pick up a Democratic seat. The Republican candidate in the race, Representative John Boozman, has the benefit of the political environment on his side.

Arkansas 1st District Profile
Chad Causey

Rick Crawford
New York Times Race Rating

Leaning Republican

Arkansas 2nd District Profile
Joyce Elliott

Tim Griffin
New York Times Race Rating

Solid Republican

Arkansas 3rd District Profile
David Whitaker

Steve Womack
New York Times Race Rating

Solid Republican

Arkansas 4th District Profile
Democratic Incumbent
Mike Ross

Beth Anne Rankin
New York Times Race Rating

Leaning Democrat

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Update: Crawford and Causey Campaigns Respond to Poll

ARRA News Service - Update 8/23/10 to Prior Story: Arkansas 1st Congressional District: Crawford Leads Causey By 16 Points

Comments From the Crawford Campaign:
Crawford stated "I am thrilled that my message of standing up to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Washington insiders is gaining more traction every day. This poll is proof that the voters want a leader in Congress who won't yield to the liberals and special interests. While I am excited to continue to lead in the polls, I am focused on the only poll that really matters; that's the one on November 2nd. My campaign will continue to work day and night as we head into the final months of this campaign."

Crawford's Campaign Manager Jonah Shumate added, "Rick is the only person in this race that won't cast his first vote in Congress for Nancy Pelosi and who consistently stands up for the views of the people of the first district. These polls show the people of Arkansas want a leader who isn't afraid to stand up for our values. Chad Causey is having a lot of trouble being straight with Arkansas voters about where he stands on the issues and that is a clear contrast with Rick's willingness to take the bull by the horns".
We noted that in its response to the poll which were conducted in part by Dr. Jay Barth who is also a member of the Arkansas Democrat Party Executive Committee, the Causey campaign issued a sophomoric statement not on issues or evidencing a desire to improve their messaging but instead presented a list of Obama Chicago style styled attacks titled: "Facts about Rick Crawford that do not resonate with Arkansans." The polls are showing Crawford is already resonating with the public. The first item is really going to tick off a lot of veterans in Arkansas; it reads: "He [Rick Crawford] graduated high school in New Hampshire."

Yes, Crawford did graduate form a High School in New Hampshire. Why, because his Father was in the Air Force and was stationed at that time in New Hampshire. In fairness, we also noted that Rick Crawford was absent from Arkansas for many other years while serving in the US Army as an EOD specialist.

Could not find a record of Chad Causey serving his country. He has predominantly worked most of his post-teen life as a staffer for Rep. Marion Berry. Thus, he too has also been absent from Arkansas -- living in Washington, D.C. area. As a democratic staffer, he has associated with and supported the liberal elitists like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama. While checking Causey's credentials online, the following tidbit was noted:  Causey has made numerous trips paid for by "foreign sources." Maybe this is to be expected for a staffer. But the following trip by Causey was most interesting: From 05/24/08 to 06/01/08, Causey was in Turkey for 9 days on a trip  paid for ($3,020) by the Rumi Forum for Interfaith Dialogue. This group follows the teachings of Muslim Imam Fethullah Gulen - founder of a "global" social movement. The group appears to operate internationally through partnering organizations. There is a link on their website for board of directors but the names of their directors are absent.
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arkansas 1st Congressional District: Crawford Leads Causey By 16 Points

Arkansas 1st Congressional District (Aug 22, 2010): Republican cross-winds are swirling at this juncture of the Arkansas election cycle even in traditional Democratic strongholds.  A new Talk Business Poll conducted by Talk Business Research and Hendrix College shows First District Congressional Republican nominee Rick Crawford with a 16-point lead over his Democratic opponent, Chad Causey.

In a survey conducted on Tuesday night, August 17, 2010, Crawford leads Causey 48-32% among 630 likely Arkansas voters in the district. Green Party nominee Ken Adler received 4% of support from those surveyed, while undecided voters stood at 16%.  You can view the full results of the poll and the questions asked at this link.

"This is a truly dramatic result that I believe sets the stage for a very favorable election climate for Republicans in Arkansas.  For Democrats, it is a clear signal that this fall's election may be the toughest landscape they've ever faced in the First," said Talk Business editor Roby Brock.

"As we did in the Second District, this First District poll is a baseline for November.  I expect the political artillery to be heavy in this contest based on each campaign's resources and the attention this race will draw nationally," Brock added.

Due to the unprecedented nature of these results for a Republican nominee, Talk Business conducted a second field poll in the First District on Thursday, August 19, 2010. While our sample size was slightly smaller - 481 likely voter respondents - the results were identical with Republican Rick Crawford polling at 48% and Democrat Chad Causey at 32%. Dr. Jay Barth, with the Hendrix College Department of Politics and International Relations, helped craft and analyze the polls. He offered the following observations from the results:
PRO-REPUBLICAN WINDS  This poll shows the breadth and depth of the pro-Republican winds in Arkansas in 2010.  The area covered by CD1 has not elected a Republican to Congress since Reconstruction and a victory here would be extraordinary. Rick Crawford enters the fall campaign with a strong chance of replacing Marion Berry, leading the Congressman’s former chief of staff, Chad Causey, 48-32% with 16% of likely voters undecided and 4% supporting Green Party candidate Ken Adler.

RESOURCE EQUALITY The decision of national Republicans to invest on Crawford’s behalf with spending in the district, announced this past week, appears not to be an attempt to win a long-shot race but instead seems like a legitimate attempt to win a seat that could create a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.  This is a crucial step because it will lessen the expected resource advantage favoring Causey for the fall campaign.

STILL UNKNOWN & UNDEFINED It is important to recognize, however, that - despite their similar size - Crawford’s lead is shown to be more fragile than the lead of Republican Tim Griffin in the Second District.  While the electoral winds are blowing in the Republicans' direction, significantly more voters are undecided in the First District contest.

Large chunks of the electorate are unable to form an opinion of the two candidates. Just at 45% of the electorate lacks an opinion of each candidate. Thus, the fall campaign will be crucial in shaping the final results.

Republicans could be successful in unfavorably tying Chad Causey to his former boss, incumbent Rep. Marion Berry, and to Washington more generally. The recent news about Crawford’s past bankruptcy is indicative of the type of issue that could shape voters’ perceptions of the Republican as they are getting to know him.

PARTY LOYALTY & INDEPENDENTS  Crawford’s lead results, first, from the fact that Republicans - long in the minority in the district - are more unified behind their nominee. 84% of self-identified Republicans support Crawford, while 73% of Democrats presently support Causey.  In particular, Causey is underperforming with African-American voters in the district. Second, and even more important, independents are leaning strongly towards the Republican (54-21% with 20% undecided).

POLL BACKGROUND This poll was conducted by Talk Business Research and Hendrix College. The poll, which has a margin of error of +/- 3.9%, was completed using IVR survey technology on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 among 630 registered Arkansas voters in Congressional District 1 who indicated they were "likely" to vote in the November 2, 2010 general election. 74% of those surveyed have voted in a minimum of 2 of the last 4 general elections. Voters with a less frequent voting history were allowed in the sample to account for younger voters and first-time voters of all ages.

Our weighting assumptions include adjustments for an undersample of minority voters and we have weighted to balance the gender of the district based on 2008 general election returns.
All media outlets are welcome to reprint, reproduce, or rebroadcast information from this poll with proper attribution to Talk Business and Hendrix College.  For interviews, Brock can be reached by email at

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Mark Martin at ARGOP State Convention

Secretary of State Candidate Rep. Mark Martin speaking at the Republican Party of Arkansas 2010 State Convention. [Video] Mark Martin for Secretary of State

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mark Darr at ARGOP State Convention

Lt. Governor Candidate Mark Darr speaking at the Republican Party of Arkansas 2010 State Convention. [Video] Mark Darr for Lt Governor

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jim Keet at ARGOP State Convention

Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Keet speaking at the 2010 Republican Party of Arkansas State Convention about jobs, education, government waste, ethics reform and the Arkansas' ole boy network and how they love their planes, games and automobiles. [Video] Jim Keet for Congress

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Rep. John Boozman at ARGOP State Convention

Congressman John Boozman speaking to the 2010 Republican Party of Arkansas State Convention. [Video] John Boozman for US Senate

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Democrat Endorses Crawford

Conservative Republican candidate for Arkansas' 1st Congressional District Rick Crawford today announced Dr. Terry Green has endorsed the Jonesboro veteran and agri-businessman in the race for the seat being vacated by Democrat Marion Berry.

Dr. Green ran for the Democrat nomination in the race against five others, including Chad Causey who won the nomination to run against Crawford. Yesterday Crawford announced the support of three senior campaign staff members of Tim Wooldridge. Wooldridge was also defeated by Causey for the Democrat nomination.

Dr. Green stated, "I got to know Rick as we met at various campaign events across the District and found him dedicated to the people of the First District more than he was any political party." Green and Wooldridge's former campaign staffers' endorsements are evidence that Arkansas' 1st District could be slipping away from the clutches of Causey and the Democrat party, which has held the district's congressional seat since Reconstruction.

Causey's history as Berry's chief-of-staff when the retiring Congressman abandoned his constituents to support Obama's liberal agenda appears to be working against him as the November elections draw nearer. Democratvoters in the 1st district may fear Causey has inherited Berry's willingness to vote against the best interests and will of his constituents in order to patronize the evermore unpopular President Obama and Democrat party.

Crawford, who has lived, worked, and created jobs in the district for many years is convincing Republicans and Democrats his loyalty lies with the voters back home. "I believe Rick Crawford will put us first in Washington as he fights to restore our economy, put people back to work, and implement common-sense based healthcare reform," stated Green.

"It is an honor to receive the endorsement of Dr. Green. It was a pleasure getting to know Dr. Green as we met on the campaign trail during the primary season and found him to be a passionate American who wanted to do what was right for the people of the First District. I share those same passions as Dr. Green and I look forward to working with him as we continue on to November 2nd," said Crawford.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rick Crawford On Voting For Speaker of the House

When Rick Crawford is elected to Congress in November to represent the First District of Arkansas, who will he support for Speaker of the House? Well one name, Nancy Pelosi, will not be on that list! [video]

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Former Wooldridge Staffers Join Crawford Campaign

While liberal Democrats in Washington cry about a lack of bipartisanship because conservatives will not bow down and accept the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda, bipartisanship is alive and well in Arkansas' First Congressional District.

Conservative Republican candidate Rick Crawford today announced that three high-level former staffers of the Wooldridge for Congress campaign are now working for the Jonesboro Republican. Tim Wooldridge lost his bid for the Democratic nomination in the First District in Arkansas' primary. Chad Causey defeated Wooldridge and will run against Crawford for the seat being vacated by Marion Berry.

"Todd Gazaway, of Paragould, served as Campaign Chairman for the Tim Wooldridge for Congress Campaign. Todd will hold a similar position with Crawford and cited Rick's conservative values as the reason for his support. 'Rick is the pro-life, pro-traditional values candidate that reflects my values and the values of Arkansans in the First District. It will be an honor working with him and his other senior staff as we progress further in his campaign.'

Barry Phillips, of Jonesboro, served as a senior staff member and financial advisor for the Tim Wooldridge for Congress Campaign. Phillps, who like Gazaway cited Crawford's conservative values, also underscored Rick's experience in job creation as his reason for joining the campaign. 'Rick understands that every piece of legislation has a moral implication for families in the First District and I believe Rick is the person we need in Washington at this very critical time in our country.'

Doug Smith, of Cave City, who served as senior field director for Tim Wooldridge for Congress, will serve in the same position on the Crawford Campaign. Rick is going to do all he can to help put people back to work and ensure that Arkansans in the First District come first, not any political agenda in Washington.'"

These former Democrat staffers realize we cannot afford to send Causey, Berry's former chief-of-staff, to Washington.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Arkansas Blue Dog Didn't Bark - 1st Anniversary of Healthcare Vote Remembered

Rankin for US Congress
PINE BLUFF, AR – Congressional candidate Beth Anne Rankin of Magnolia said Arkansas’ ”Blue Dog” congressman didn’t bark when his voice was needed on July 31, 2009.

Tags: 4th District, Arkansas, Beth Ann Ranking, Blue Dog, Mike Ross, national healthcare

In a news conference Saturday, Rankin said the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved part of the Democrat’s health care legislation. The vote was 31 to 28. Five Democrats joined all 23 Republicans on the committee in opposing the measure. Congressman Mike Ross voted for it.

“Exactly one year ago today, Congressman Mike Ross (D-AR Dist4) sat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and he voted for the healthcare bill,” Rankin said. “The people of Arkansas had already spoken about that bill. They had been very clear in their distaste and distrust of that bill. Arkansans are unified in their belief that we need healthcare reform in America, but we need the right healthcare reform.”

Three House committees had to approve different parts of the bill. Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means, and Education and Labor passed all three parts.   If one committee had not passed it, the bill would not have made it to the floor of the House.

“In that committee, Arkansas had an opportunity to lead. Arkansas had an opportunity to act. Arkansas had an opportunity to kill a bill which most Arkansans do not support” Rankin said. “We needed someone to stand up for us when we had that place at the table. Mike Ross caved. He gave in to the peer pressures and we lost that opportunity.”

The committee vote was the critical vote on that bill. By the time the bill reached the floor of the House of Representatives, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had enough votes to pass it with out Ross’s vote. When his vote didn’t count, he voted against it, she said.

She called the vote-juggling act “The Healthcare Hustle.”   “He had a choice -- the people or Pelosi. Congressman Ross went with Nancy Pelosi,” Rankin said. “Congressman Mike Ross led the way with the Healthcare Hustle because Nancy Pelosi could count on him. The people of Arkansas needed to count on him, but it was Pelosi at the end of the day who was able to count on him.”

Ross calls himself a “Blue Dog” Democrat which allegedly means he is a conservative for a Democrat.  “I know Congressman Ross is proud of that Blue Dog reputation. Well, we needed our Blue Dog to bark on July 31, 2009. He did not bark,” Rankin said.  Voters in the 29 counties that make up the Fourth Congressional District should not accept excuses, she said.

“Congressman Ross will say he voted for it because the bill deserved debate. No sir! That bill did not deserve debate. Bad bills deserve to be killed. I’m sorry that in 10 years he hasn’t learned that,” Rankin said. “I would have voted against the health care bill one year ago today. That’s what you do in committees. You kill bad bills or you do surgery to fix them.”

The healthcare bill started out as a cost containment measure. The end result does nothing to control costs. Rankin said she is running to stop runaway spending in Washington. She wants the federal government to live within its budget just like Arkansas families must live within theirs.  “This bill is not going to help. If you have to tax people for four years before you launch it, the cost is not sustainable. The numbers just don’t crunch,” Rankin said.

Rankin is a small business owner and seventh-generation south Arkansan who spent seven years working in the Governor's Office for Gov. Mike Huckabee.   As Huckabee's Policy Advisor for State-Federal Affairs, Rankin served as the liaison to the National Governors Association, the Southern Governors Association, Capitol Hill and the White House. Rankin coordinated the Governor's Summit on Economic Development, Play it Again Arkansas and chaired the state-wide initiative for the design of the Arkansas State Quarter, leading the nation in citizen participation.

While serving in the Governor's Office she also served as a Board Member on the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission. Born in El Dorado and raised on the Rankin Farm in Magnolia, she was an Honor Graduate of Magnolia High School, attended Southern Arkansas University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ouachita Baptist University with a double major in history and music. Beth Anne is a Nationally-Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) and launched Beth Anne Productions in Magnolia, an independent music teaching studio.   Rankin co-hosts a weekly radio talk show and speaks at women's conferences throughout the region and state

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Repeal Obamacare PAC Endorses Rick Crawford

 - Says Conservative Voice Needed in Washington to Repeal Legislation - 

Repeal Obamacare PAC (ROCPAC) today announced the group has endorsed Rick Crawford for the First District Congressional position from Arkansas.  Crawford, who is a small business owner and provides health insurance for all of his employees, wants to reform the healthcare system and address the cost of healthcare in America as a core aspect of that reform.

"I am pleased to have this endorsement. Residents of the First District have expressed to me their concerns over escalating costs as well as loss of freedom involved in this legislation", Crawford said.  "We must repeal this legislation that puts these excessive demands on our Country at a time when we can least afford them.  Repeal Obamacare PAC is one of the leaders in the fight in 2010 to stop Obamacare in its tracks and return Congress to the American people, and I am proud to stand with ROCPAC's solid group of conservative candidates.  Obamacare must be repealed. We must do this to contain costs and provide opportunity for citizens to obtain affordable health insurance."

"ROCPAC is proud to support Rick Crawford," said ROCPAC spokesman Evan Kates.  "On Election Day, America is going to get the votes we need to repeal this mess, and we're going to send Rick to Washington because he's the voice America desperately needs."

As a bomb-disposal technician in the United States Army, Rick earned numerous medals for service in the U.S. and Southwest Asia.  Upon completion of military service, Rick attended ASU.  He graduated with a B.A. in Agriculture Business and Economics.  He now owns and operates the AgWatch Network, a farm news network heard on 39 radio stations in 5 states.  Rick and his wife live with their two children in Jonesboro.

ROCPAC states its goals and beliefs on its website -

 - Rejects government mandates and layered regulations that will cripple small businesses;

 - Believes that the United States has the strongest health care system in the world, one that is the source of innovations and new medical technologies that have vastly increased the quality of life for Americans for decades;

 - Believes that the government has no business interjecting itself into the personal healthcare decisions of American citizens, or causing health care directly or indirectly to be rationed;

 - Supports the right of American citizens to keep their current health coverage;
Believes that health care reform should keep important, personal health care decisions in the hands of patients and their medical providers, without interference from federal bureaucrats;

 - Believes that the overall goal of health reform should be to increase access to medical treatment, empower patients, and ensure that health insurance is affordable.

Tags: endorsement, Repeal Obamacare PAC, Rick Crawford

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Concerned Women PAC Endorses Rick Crawford for Congress in AR-01 Election

- News anchor Rick Crawford will be a conservative voice for AR-01 in Congress-

Washington D.C. - Concerned Women Political Action Committee (CWPAC) has announced its endorsement of Rick Crawford for Congress in Arkansas' First District.

Concerned Women PAC, established in 2002 by Founder and Chairman Beverly LaHaye, is affiliated with Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC), the nation's largest public policy women's organization with more than 500,000 grassroots members nationwide.

Arkansas's First District will be an open seat this election cycle. The seat was previously held by Marion Berry who voted with CWALAC's position only 40 percent of the time and Rep. Berry has voted with Nancy Pelosi 94 percent of the time on major issues this Congress.

Rick Crawford owns and operates a farm news network in Arkansas focused on agricultural issues. Mr. Crawford is 100 percent pro-life and pro-family and is both fiscally and socially conservative.

Rick and Stacy Crawford have been married for 11 years and have two children.

"Like many Americans, Rick Crawford is fed up with the Nancy Pelosi agenda and her march toward socialism" said Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women PAC.

"The difference is that Rick Crawford isn't just mad, he's willing to step up, put his name on the ballot and be the common sense conservative voice for Arkansas' First District."

Penny Nance and Concerned Women Political Action Committee's mission is to elect solid pro-family, pro-life conservatives to Congress. Concerned Women PAC sends out a monthly letter to members encouraging them to financially support candidates like Rick Crawford.
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

11 Reasons to Vote for Democrats in November

Lesterville2k2 - The members of the Democrat party have given us a lot to consider before voting in November 2010. This video presents just 11 reasons to consider voting for the Democrats. Are you motivated yet?

Video produced by Duane Lester. This is a great video for Tea Party members and others to share.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boehner Supports Ag Committee Seat for Crawford

House Republican Leader John Boehner has pledged his support to secure an assignment on the important House Agriculture Committee for Rick Crawford, GOP nominee for Arkansas' 1st Congressional District.

"Rick Crawford has my full support for a seat on the House Agriculture Committee. Rick's been in the agriculture business for years and understands the challenges facing farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. He would be a strong advocate for solutions that address the issues facing agriculture communities, and I look forward to working with him, the Republican leadership, and the Members of the Steering Committee to place him on the committee at the earliest possible opportunity."

Boehner represents the two largest agriculture counties in Ohio and previously served on the House Agriculture Committee for 15 years.

The economy of Arkansas' 1st Congressional District is driven by agriculture. According to the Office of Rep. Marion Berry, over 90% of the region's jobs are tied to the industry. The district ranks No. 1 in the country for rice production, No. 5 in the country for cotton production, No. 10 in the country for soybean production and No. 11 in the country for overall cropland harvested. Situated along the Mississippi River and encompassing Arkansas' Delta region, the district is home to Jonesboro's Arkansas State University, a major center of agricultural education, and Stuttgart's Riceland Foods, the world's biggest rice miller.
Tags: Agriculture Committee, GOP Leader, John Boehner, Rick Crawford, US House

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Princella Smith Endorses Rick Crawford for Congress

JONESBORO – Yesterday, First District Congressional candidate, United States Army veteran, and small business owner Rick Crawford announced the endorsement of Princella Smith of Wynne. Smith cited Crawford’s conservative ideals as the basis for her endorsement.

Smith, who also vied for the Republican Congressional nomination this year, got her first cut at politics under former Arkansas Lt. Governor Rockefeller and later worked with Governor Mike Huckabee, U.S. Congressman John Boozman, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and as an aide at the U.S. Department of Labor and on Capitol Hill. She has been a regular political commentator on several national news outlets and serves as a visiting fellow, guest lecturer, and board member for several conservative institutions.

“Rick Crawford understands that Washington cannot continue following the liberal over spending agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama,” said Smith. “Rick understands the need for job creation and innovation in the First District of Arkansas and will fight for the type of fiscal responsibility that is desperately needed in Congress.”

Smith continued: “Rick’s military background has equipped him with the ability to execute a critical mission under intense pressure, and it has given him an understanding that we must end this administration’s propensity for kicking our allies in the teeth. I look forward to working with Rick as he becomes our next Congressman from the First District of Arkansas.”

“I am grateful and honored to receive this endorsement from Princella,” said Crawford. “Princella has been active the last several years in traveling across our country to champion the conservative principles missing in Washington, and with her help, I want to apply those principles as a check and balance against this out of control spending agenda being led by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.”

This is the sixth endorsement by a conservative leader in Arkansas for the Crawford for Congress campaign. Previous endorsements include Governor Mike Huckabee, Congressmen Asa Hutchinson Ed Bethune, Nelda Speaks of Mountain Home, and State Representative Davy Carter of Cabot.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crawford Accepts Nomination in Republican Primary

AP Calls Election for Rick Crawford with early results at 68 percent of the votes counted to Princella Smith's 32 percent.

- Crawford Wins Nomination in Historic Republican Primary -

"First, let me begin by saying how great of an opponent Princella Smith has been. Princella has brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the debate that I believe she has elevated the focus on this race, both in the district as well as across the country.

Princella is going to do a lot of good things for conservatives and I am looking forward to her presence in our efforts to get our country back on track.

It is an honor to stand before you today and accept the Republican nomination for the First Congressional District.

Tonight was a historic election. From what I have been told, this was the first ever Republican Primary in the First Congressional District. And tonight marks the beginning of the next stage of our campaign as we work to do away with the over-spending agenda of President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

What I am hearing as I travel throughout the First District is that people are fed up with Congress' irrational spending. People know that our nation's debt and unfunded promises add up to more than $56.5 trillion -- $184,000 for every man, woman, and child alive - and they say, you gotta stop! Put down the shovel!

As they enter the ballot box, they will be faced with either voting to continue the liberal, irrational spending agenda that our current Congress is employing, or to make a real change in how business is done in Washington.

There is a substantial difference between me and Tim Wooldridge, Chad Causey or any candidate who emerges in the general election. If voters want to continue the liberal, over-spending agenda of Speaker Pelosi and President Obama, then they should elect Tim or Chad. The only way to stop the multi-trillion dollar, entitlement creating, Pelosi Obama agenda is to remove Speaker Pelosi and her overspending committee chairman from power.

I believe that voters in the First District are ready for a real change in the direction of our country. I believe that folks from every political persuasion are ready for us to start climbing out of the $56 trillion hole we are in and make the permanent structural changes necessary so our children and our grandchildren have the opportunity of a brighter future.

Let me share with you the very personal reason I am standing up now asking for you to allow me to serve you in Congress. Like many of you, I have two young children - a son and daughter. So many of you also have children and even grandchildren. If we fail, they'll face taxes that are easily triple what you and I pay today. Interest rates, in a good-case scenario, will be in the high teens. These two conditions will choke businesses in this country leading to high unemployment and depressed wages. And the dominoes start falling from there.

My friends, we need to act. I hope you all will join me in standing as patriots to take back our government. In closing let me just are my commanding officers and I boldly raise my hand to ask for your confidence in my ability to carry out this essential mission. I CAN...and WILL BE...successful."TAGS: Arkansas, 1st Congressional District, Rick Crawford, Princella Smith, Republican

Monday, April 26, 2010

Crawford, Smith square off against Democrat rivals in Lonoke

On Thursday, April 22, all eight congressional candidates seeking to replace retiring Marion Berry in Arkansas' 1st District took the stage at a forum in Lonoke. The six Democrats and two Republican candidates were each given one minute to respond to questions posed by moderator Roby Brock.

The Tea Party of Lonoke County posted the following two videos of the GOP candidates' responses at the forum. Though the Tea Party of Lonoke County is non-partisan, we're reposting these videos so that voters can get to know these candidates.

Though we're not endorsing a candidate before the primary, the Boot Berryism does plan to support the eventual Republican nominee in this congressional race for several reasons. First and foremost is the headlong plunge toward Socialism our country finds itself in since the 2008 election.

With heavy majorities in both houses of Congress and occupying the White House, Democrats have abandoned Obama's campaign pledges to govern from the center and steered a course to the hard left. His radical agenda can only be funded and implemented with complete control of both the Executive and Legislative branches. Therefore, we MUST do everything in our power to eliminate the Democrat majority in at least one house of Congress.

That means, in the 2010 elections, we must elect Republicans who will vote against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Remove her, and we remove the Socialist threat that will otherwise doom our nation.

We need participation in Republican primaries across the 1st District. This is critical because we want to be certain to nominate someone who can garner votes from the Ozark mountains to the banks of the Mississippi in November.

That will ONLY happen if we band together and MAKE it happen!

So choose the best of these two candidates, vote in your Republican primary on May 18, and let's take our country back!

Part I
Part II

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Register to Vote Now!

To vote in the May 18 primary election, you must register to vote by April 19. To make it easier for any who haven't already done so, we have partnered with Rock the Vote to create this online registration tool. Click the image below to get started.

After you've completed the web forms, you'll be able to download, print, and sign a completed voter registration form. Then you'll need to mail in the form to address provided. Once you complete these simple steps, you're registered to vote!

You can also sign up for text messages reminding you when and where to vote.

Please encourage all your friends and family to make sure they're registered so they can help us take this country back!

Click on the image below to register now!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Your Taxes: Their Spending - Prepare for the Largest Tax Increases in History

Tomorrow is Tax Day, Earth Day and thank goodness for those opposed to all these taxes: a self-proclaimed TEA Party Day. The Obama Administration's spending in the past year has been unprecedented and Tax Day won't come and go quietly. In just over a year, Democrats in Washington have proposed trillions of dollars in new taxes on American Families -- and passed hundreds of billions in new taxes to pay for their government takeover of our health care. These new taxes affect you and your family -- every day.

Tags: increase taxes, Democrats, Washington. D. C., increased Federal spending, Tax Day
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Berryism Watch: What Do You Love Tim Wooldridge?

Little Rock – Congressional Candidate Tim Wooldridge mastered the art of political grandstanding during a debate held in Mountain Home on Saturday.  Touting himself as a conservative Wooldridge was quoted as stating, “I love my party’s ideology, but I govern on behalf of the people.”

The Republican Party of Arkansas would like to know: What does Senator Wooldridge love about the Democrat Party’s radical, irresponsible and far-left ideology?

"Does Senator Wooldridge realize that the core of his party’s ideology is built upon the notion that big government is the best government," said RPA Executive Director Chase Dugger. "The people of Arkansas have clearly stated they do not want the extremely liberal Obama-Pelosi agenda which is the foundation of the Democrat Party’s platform. Does Senator Wooldridge love higher taxes, out-of-control spending, irresponsible legislation, government-funded abortions, and his party’s lack of reverence for individual liberty?" said Dugger. "The people of the First Congressional District deserve a true conservative representative who will fight to challenge the Democrat Party’s destructive ideology."

Link to article: Frank Wallis, “Democrats for U.S. House Dist. 1 mostly charitable in Mountain Home debate,” Baxter Bulletin, 4/12/10

TAGS: AR-1, 1st Congressional District, Arkansas, Tim Wooldridge, Democrat

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

Almost 2000 years ago, the only innocent man to ever walk the Earth arose from the grave after being betrayed by one of his closest friends, humiliated by the public, brutally beaten and executed by the Roman authorities. Now he serves as the intercessor between us and God the Father.

He died for my sins, and yours. All he asks in return is that we believe in him.

We give thanks for his sacrifice for all of us. And here are a few songs that celebrate his escape from the grave, and our salvation!

This is Love

On the Darkest Day

He Lives/He's Alive

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools - Democrats' Rainbows and Unicorns

No mandatory health care, trillions of new jobs, and low-emission unicorns. President Obama is the greatest president ever. NRSC:

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who in the 1st District has pledged to "Repeal It!"?

UPDATE: Princella Smith has been moved to the "Signed" column in the table below. Thanks Ms. Smith for pledging to repeal it! Now both Republican candidates in Arkansas' 1st Congressional District have signed the pledge. NO DEMOCRAT HAS SIGNED!!!!

The Club for Growth is encouraging all lawmakers, candidates, and citizens to pledge to work to repeal President Obama's government takeover of the US health care system signed into law today. Only one candidate for Arkansas' 1st Congressional District has signed the pledge to Repeal It.

Two Republicans have filed for the race to fill Marion Berry's seat, but only one has signed the pledge. Rick Crawford, a Jonesboro veteran and small businessman, signed the pledge on January 20. Princella Smith, his primary opponent and former spokeswoman for Newt Gingrich's American Solutions and Louisiana Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao, announced her candidacy a month later on February 20, but has not yet signed the pledge.

Because she entered the race late, we asked Ms. Smith's campaign (via email and Facebook) if she planned to sign the pledge. As of this writing, we haven't received a response to our requests. However, we will update this article once her campaign replies.

It's interesting to note that not one of the three Democrats who filed to replace Berry have signed the pledge.

Berry's Chief-of-Staff Chad Causey hasn't signed, but that really shouldn't surprise anyone. Berry voted for the House version of the government takeover of the health care system last November, before he voted against the final bill last weekend. The Congressman claimed he was undecided until late Sunday and some speculate his no vote was cast only to help Causey's effort to succeed him.

Hailed by many as the conservative Democrat in this race, Tim Wooldridge doesn't appear conservative enough to challenge the powerful liberal elites in his party on this issue. Wooldridge hasn't signed the pledge, and searches of Google and his Facebook group yield no comments on the passing of the Democrats' government takeover of our health care system.

The third Democrat seeking Berry's seat, State Senator Steve Bryles hasn't signed the pledge either. Though he's been quoted saying voters in the 1st District "have told me they want affordable health care, not government mandates,” he apparently doesn't want to buck the powerful Pelosi-Obama duo and vow to support the repeal of the new law so unpopular with his would-be constituents.

The following table shows all candidates for Arkansas' 1st Congressional District who have signed the pledge, and those who haven't:


CandidatesRick Crawford
Princella Smith


Chad Causey
Tim Wooldridge
Steve Bryles

Tags: 1st District, Arkansas, Chad Causey, Government-Run Health Care, Marion Berry, Obamacare, Pledge, Princella Smith, Repeal It, Rick Crawford, Steve Bryles, Tim Wooldridge

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Remember the Alamo" Then and "Remember 3/21: Now!

by Ron Russell, TOTUS Most in this country know the phrase, "Remember the Alamo" and certainly all Texans know that rallying battle cry! The defeat at the Alamo marked the beginning of the war for Texas independence. A war that would end with the crowning victory at San Jacinto and an independent and free Texas.

Yesterday in Washington the forces of individualism suffered a great defeat at the hands of the over-whelming forces in the House combined with the might of the Executive Branch. The two hundred or so beleaguered members of the House could not withstand the onslaught of the vast army arrayed against them. Their walls were breached by back room deals, presidential promises and favors, and blatant bribery on a scale never seen before in American politics. In the end they were overwhelmed and crushed and their flag of patriotism trampled beneath the tyrant's feet.

But from the ashes of that defeat, a new battle cry will be heard, a new call to arms. Just as the Texans of long ago screamed "remember the Alamo" as they charged the forces of tyranny; the ever growing forces of Individualism, of Patriotism will raise a new battle cry: "Remember 3/21" as they drive the forces of collectivism and Marxism from the field and achieve that Crowning Victory!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Health Care Vote Set to Expose the Myth of the 'Pro-Life Democrat'
Phyllis Schlafly, president and founder of the conservative grassroots public policy organization Eagle Forum, made the following remarks after the public announcement that formerly pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak (D-MI) will cast a "yes" vote for the Senate health care bill today in the House.
Phyllis Schlafly: It is naive for any elected official, especially one who describes himself as 'pro-life,' to expect that a promise to issue an Executive Order that reasserts the intentions of the Hyde Amendment will be fulfilled by the most pro-abortion president to ever sit in the White House. Perhaps Mr. Stupak and his fellow pro-life Democrats forget that President Obama's first Executive Order was the repeal of the Mexico City Policy to allow for international funding of abortion.

Not only would an Executive Order be rendered meaningless in the face of Congress passing legislation which actively provides for the massive expansion and funding of abortion services, but anyone who doubts the abortion tsunami which awaits this bill becoming law lives in a fantasy world.

Barack Obama has lined every existing federal agency with the most dedicated pro-abortion ideologues, and we know that he will continue this pattern of pro-abortion appointments when it comes time for him to fill the over-100 bureaucracies created to administer his socialized health care program.

Any formerly pro-life Democrat who casts a 'Yes' vote for this Senate health care bill tonight will be forever remembered as being among the deciding votes which facilitated the largest expansion of abortion services since Roe v. Wade." "Mr. Stupak and his Democrat followers have now clarified that you cannot be pro-life and be a Democrat. If abortion was truly their biggest issue, they wouldn't willfully align themselves with the Party of Death.

This vote will expose the myth of the "pro-life Democrat." With this single vote, the Democratic Party will divide our nation into the Party of Death and the Party of Life, and future elections will never be the same.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Berry Votes for Obamacare Again!

Oh not directly. But yesterday his "Yea" vote on House Resolution 1190 is, without a doubt a vote for Obamacare. And a vote against his the will of his constituents in Arkansas!

HR 1190 was a Republican attempt to block Democrats' "Slaughter Solution" (aka "Deem & Pass") that is being considered by Democrats as an end run around the Constitution's Article I, Section 5 requirement for an up or down vote on the Senate's version of Obamacare. Democrats are so rash, narcissistic, and condescending they believe this unconstitutional tactic to avoid a direct vote on the bill will fool constituents from conservative districts.

Pelosi and her Democrat allies (all the other 221 Democrats who voted for this resolution) think their constituents are stupid enough to believe yesterday's vote isn't a vote for Obamacare. But voting to avoid a direct vote and consider a bill passed without voting on it can't be considered anything but a "Yea" vote for the bill being avoided. (If that sentence seems a little confusing, it's because we want you to get the idea just how this Democrat play is designed to confound and confuse voters.)

In the last two days we've called Berry's offices and received assurances that he will read the entire bill before voting on it. Both times, we were told no final bill was out. Now this.

This kind of Democrat shenanigan is exactly the reason we must send a conservative Republican to Congress from the 1st District in November. Doing so will guarantee a vote against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House and put an end to this chicanery.

Rick Crawford
, one of two GOP candidates for Berry's seat spoke out against this unconstitutional tactic in his blog post, "Crawford Speaks Out Against 'Deem and Pass'."

On a day where a Fox News poll shows only 35% of Americans favor the health care reform bill, Pelosi is attempting to use a tactic dubbed “deem and pass” to push through the Senate’s health care reform bill, without having members of Congress actually vote on the bill. reports this plan is being considered because, “…many House Democrats don’t want to cast a vote in favor of the unaltered Senate bill, which they oppose for numerous reasons.”

The other GOP candidate for the 1st District seat, Princella Smith, posted on Facebook Tuesday that using the manuever to pass the unpopular bill would be "catastrophic."

Even President Obama admitted yesterday's vote IS a vote for the unpopular Obamacare in his contentious interview with Brett Baier on Wednesday. When asked by Baier if he supported the use of the "Slaughter Rule" he responded,

"What I can tell you is that the vote that's taken in the House will be a vote for health care reform. And if people vote yes, whatever form that takes, that is going to be a vote for health care reform. And I don't think we should pretend otherwise."

*emphasis added

Marion Berry can't hide behind the dishonest Democrats' devious tactics.

He voted for the bill, he voted for Obamacare, and he voted against the will of his constituents in Arkansas!

Help us Boot Berryism (and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker) by electing a conservative Republican this fall!
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