Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Berry Defends Health Care Vote

Congressman Marion Berry (D-AR) today released a newsletter defending his vote for Nancy Pelosi's version of Obamacare. The letter does nothing more than rehash the same old tired excuses Democrats have used, and Arkansas' voters have rejected, throughout the course of this debate.

His excuses for voting against the interests of a strong majority of his 1st District constituents follow, along with rebuttal arguments that haven't yet seemed to register with the Nancy Pelosi lap dog.

  • If we take no action, family budgets will shrink.
    • Really? Maybe so. But family budgets will certainly shrink under Pelosi's plan that Berry supports. The CBO projects premiums will rise if the legislation is enacted, and points out that new taxes will be imposed on all health insurance policies. New mandates and taxes on small business will cost jobs and reduce wages. Apparently Marion Berry doesn't mind shrinking family budgets to swell government coffers!
  • If we take no action, American businesses will suffer.
    • We've already pointed out that new mandates and taxes in the Berry supported Pelosi bill will definitely harm small business. These include an 8% tax levied on small businesses that can't afford a "government approved" health insurance plan. An estimated 5.5 million American jobs will also be lost over the next 10 years due to the harm inflicted on American businesses by the Pelosi bill Berry voted for.
  • If we take no action, the federal government will go broke.
    • This would be laughable coming from Berry if the harm he's already helped inflict on our country wasn't so serious. Remember, Berry voted FOR the Wall Street bailout known as TARP, he voted FOR Obama's $787 billion "porkulus" that failed to stimulate the economy, he voted FOR Obama's "unprecedented" $3.4 trillion budget, he most recently voted to increase the federal debt ceiling so he, Pelosi, and Obama could spend even more money we don't have. In other words, he's marched in lockstep with his party's hierarchy and voted FOR their policies that spent $1.4 TRILLION more than the government brought in for fiscal 2009. THE GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY BROKE AND BERRY VOTED TO DIG THE HOLE WE FIND OURSELVES IN!

Marion Berry has played this game for quite some time. Voting with Nancy Pelosi 90% of the time, he panders to the radical left wing of the Democrat party to secure millions in out-of-state donations to help him defeat conservative candidates who represent Arkansas values.

Berry has repeatedly refused to listen to his constituents' concerns about Obamacare. Now he wants us to listen to his excuses which are nothing more than a list of talking points handed him by his puppet master Pelosi.

Not a chance Congressman. We're not falling for it.
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Matt said...

Why would he feel the need to defend his vote?....unless he actually realizes what a ridiculous thing he did by voting for it. Maybe a little guilt? Nah, ya gotta have a conscience to feel guilty!! Berry is one stupid S.O.B.!!!! The pic, with this story, is kinda grossing me out. Don't think I'll be able to eat breakfast now...