Thursday, August 6, 2009

Recess Rally--Cabot, AR

UPDATE: Buddy Rogers, another candidate for the GOP nomination in the 2010 US Senate Race in Arkansas, will speak at this event.

Marion Berry has NOT scheduled any interaction with constituents during the August Recess. Polls have shown Arkansas voters DON'T support Obama's plan to nationalize our health care industry. So we must do something to convince him that we're serious. That's why I'm organizing the Cabot, Ar Recess Rally, to be held simultaneously with other rallies across the nation at local offices of US representatives. Together, we can make our voices heard. We can turn the tide and stop the Obama-Reid-Pelosi runaway train bound for government-run health care.

I've spoken with City Hall and the Cabot Police Department and we're clear to hold the Recess Rally outside of Rep. Marion Berry's Cabot office at 12:00 noon on Saturday, August 22, 2009.

I'd like to have an organizational meeting to get ideas for what others would like to see at this rally on Thursday, August 13 in the evening at a location to be determined. If you have ideas, or would like to speak at the rally, please make plans to attend this meeting.

Contrary to White House and Democratic leaders' misleading remarks, this is not organized by the Republican Party or insurance industry lobbyists. I haven't spoken with them and they've made no attempts to contact me regarding this rally. This IS a grassroots movement and its success depends on you and me. As such, we have no advertising budget so please help spread the word. Tell your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to join us to stop nationalized health care in its tracks!

Please RSVP and let me know if you'd like to speak and/or volunteer at this event by completing this form.
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