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Boot Berryism Roll Call

Boot Berryism Roll Call
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John Abrahamson, Stone County, Mountain View, AR
John Allison III, Lonoke County, Cabot, AR
Mary Arbeene, Lonoke County, Cabot, AR
Michael Arbeene, Lonoke County, Cabot, AR
Danny Bailey, dbaileyway7, Washington County, Fayetteville, AR
Randy Book, Clay County, Piggott,AR
Joe Bryant, Baxter County, Elizabeth, AR,
Thomas Burchfield, ashum republican, Baxter County, Cotter, AR
Virgil J. Butler III, Independence, Batesville, AR
John Caruso, "LonelyRepublican," Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Chad, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Rick Crawford, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Dorothy Crockett, Mississippi County, Osceola, AR
James W. Cunningham, Jr., Izard County, Brockwell, AR
Cole Davis, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
Deb Donner, Marilyn , Mississippi County, Manila, AR,
Tyler Dunegan, Mississippi County, Osceola, AR
Harvey Edwards, Constitutionalist, Arkansas County, Stuttgart, AR
Irene Ernst, Lonoke County, Cabot, AR
Bill Fitzhugh, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
John Flora, The Oracle, Craighead County, Brookland, AR
Charlie Frame, White County, Beebe, AR
Thomas Frame, White County, Beebe, AR
Lawrence Godair, Prairie County, Des Arc, AR
JoAnn Gould, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
Roy Gould, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
Diana Maria Grace, Cleburne County, Heber Springs, AR
Eugene Gorton, Stone County, Mountain View, AR
Gary E Green, Baxter County, Cotter, AR
Jon Guhrt, Cleburne County, Heber Springs, AR
Jerry Halsell, Greene County, Paragould, AR
Kay Holland, Greene County, Marmaduke, AR
Jon Hubbard, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Vernon Humphrey, Stone County, Mountain View, AR
David C Hundley, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Carl Ivey, Butch, Stone County, Mountain View, AR
Nancy Ivey, Stone County, Mountain View, AR
Chub Journagan, Marion County, Yellville, AR
Larry A. Kaminski, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
Anna Leigh, AnnaLeigh61, Mississippi County, Blytheville AR
Joe Leblanc, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
Jacque Martin, Cleburne County, Quitman, AR
Tom Martin, Cleburne County, Quitman, AR
Bill McBride, Sharp County, Cherokee Village, AR
Jean McClellan-Chambers, Sebastian County, Fort Smith, AR
Jeanette McDougal, Mississipi County, Osceola,AR
Jack McNally, Lonoke County, Cabot, AR
Laurie Midgett, Elcie, Lawrence County, Hoxie, AR
Ron M. Miller, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
C.S. Moore, C.S.M., Lee County, Marianna, AR
Terry Ocheltree, Tree, Lonoke County, Ward, AR
Mickey D. Pendergrass, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
Brenda Penkunas, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Don Pile, Lonoke County, Cabot, AR
Jay Reynolds, Izard County, Calico Rock, AR
Donna Ross, Sharp County, Cherokee Village, AR
Joe Ross, Sharp County, Cherokee Village, AR
Dara G. Samuel, Cleburne County, Heber Springs, AR
Mel Scott, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
Todd Sharp, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Lauri Shebesh, Baxter County, Gassville, AR
Jonah Shumate, Independence County, Batesville, AR
Dr. Bill Smith, Ozark Guru, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
David Sonnier, Independence County, Batesville, AR
John Stephens, Cynikal, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Heidi Street, Independence County, Batesville, AR
Steve Street, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
Marilyn Stull, Stone County, Mountain View, AR
Mickey Stumbaugh, Stubby, Lonoke County, Cabot, AR
Becky Sunderman, Independence County, Batesville, AR
Sandy Sunderman, Independence County, Batesville, AR
Jennifer T, maizzie, Greene County, Paragould, AR
Brad Tullos, Clay County, St. Francis, AR
Chris Tuthill, Baxter County, Mountain Home, AR
Douglas Warner, "pawpaw," Lonoke County, Cabot, AR
Josh Waters, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Billy West, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR
Paul White, Stone County, Mountain View, AR
Bill Widner, Mississippi County, Blytheville, AR
James Wilde, Craighead County, Jonesboro, AR

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John Allison III said...

I'm sick and tired of vague and evasive answers to my questions
and concerns EVERY time I contact Berry's office. It doesn't matter if Icontact DC or his Arkansas offices, I get the same every time--no real answers!

It's time we stand up and BOOT any elected official who refuses to represent us and since Berry's in my district I'll start with him!

Donna Ross said...

I have been getting the same results as everyone else. Berry never answers a question and he is clearly for the Obama Health Care reform. I also feel like Blanch Lincoln and Mark Pryor should be booted along with Berry. They are all the same. They do not represent the people of Arkansas in the way they were elected to represent.

Irene Ernst said...

Berry has been in office too long and has forgotten the constituents who put him there. He's just another darn Democrat who needs
to go.

Anna Leigh said...
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Anna Leigh said...

I have contacted, over and over, Berry's office. I am sick of canned responses that do not even address my concerns. My husband has called time and time again, receiving vague answers. Berry is disinterested in our views and always replies with a justification for his latest big spending bill vote. He may be a blue dog, but frankly I thing he's a mad dog.

Joe Ross said...

First of all, this is not just a "medical"bill, it happens to be
a bill inclusive of so many other bills that will remove all the freedoms we were indowed with by our constitution!! I am not ready to be governed by a dictator or give up freedom of choice and the persuit of life,liberty, and the persuit of happiness. It's time for Marion Berry to go !!

Bill Widner said...

When I email, write, or call I rarely get an answer. Except one
telling my why HE knew best about health care since he was a pharmacist.

I'm an RN and I know what's wrong, as do most nurses. But because we are conservative, we are ignored.

Berry voted for the health care bill in the house, and then, when he saw his vote wouldn't matter, he changed it. It is time to get someone in office who cares about the country and especially the 1st district

Kay Holland said...

Berry is as unconstitutional as Barry Soetoro / BO! I am SICK of
having public servants who are not aware that they are only that -- servants! They DO NOT listen to us, but expect US to listen to THEM!

Jon Guhrt said...

Lets get rid of all incumbents, they have done such a fine job.

Sandy & Becky Sunderman said...

Obviously does not know that Obamacare is unconstitutional, nor does he care that the majority of his constituents do not want it.

I'm ready to boot all the incumbents, and hope that their opposing candidates are ready to represent the people who put them in office. If not, boot them, too!
No more career congressmen/Senators!
This madness must stop now!

Lawrence Godair said...

I have nothing against Mr. Berry personally, but I will not support any Representative who supports this Liberal Obama adminstration who's agenda is to destroy my Country. Mr. Berry has chosen to support that agenda and it is time for him to find other employment than my tax dollars. I refuse to pay someone to help Destroy this Great Nation that My father fought 6 years for during the duration of world war 1, to free the world of the Kaiser and my two oldest brothers fought across Europe to defend it against Hitler during world war ll, and my next oldest brother and I fought during Korea and he was the only living wounded and one other soldier the only living unwounded from the entire 25th division while I was being trained in Basic training. which I continued to serve my Country in the Military for 9 years, 3 months and 23 days having stood off the Russian threat in Berlin from Sept. 1958 to Oct. 1961 for a total of 3 years, one month, 7 days and 1 1/2 hours causing the Russian East Zone leaders to begin erecting the Berlin Wall. for which I thank God Mr. Reagan was able to get destroyed.

Yes I have cause to want Mr. Berry Booted.
Lawrence Godair
ARTA member, Sr. Citizen
School Teacher ret.

Randy Book said...

He doesn't represent his constituents. While voting along
conservative lines on issues that won't cause him much political
discomfort, when it comes to the hard issues that require a statesmanship stand for what those he represents, he either caves in to political pressures or doesn't vote.

Bottom line in my opinion he is a weak man when it comes to taking a stand and is more concerned with the Democratic power base and being a Pelosi puppet than standing firm for common sense,his constituency and preserving the American values that have been the foundation and core of the USA's success and proud heritage.

C.S. Moore said...

I'd like to see Berry defeated basically because he is a democrat and there is no balance of power in Washington. He'll vote right down the line with Obama. He'll say he didn't vote for Cap and Trade, but I understand he did in committee. I feel he got "permission" from Nancy to vote no because he knew his district wouldn't support at all a "yes" vote.

Laurie Midgett said...

Where do I start? Because he doesn't give a crap?! He won't listen to the people, he has been in office way too long! He is slowly helping to erode the rights and freedoms of the American people! He will not stand up against the Washington elite, because he is one of them. He lies to the people of Arkansas, I guess he thinks we are all just a bunch of dumb hicks who don't get it! Boot out Berry!

Tom and Jacque Martin said...

Marion Berry does not represent the conservative values of the 1st Congressional District. He presents himself as a Blue Dog Democrat who votes with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time ( The problem Mr. Berry has is that his constituents are becoming quickly
informed as to his voting record and his socialist ideology. It is time to put an end to the stranglehold the Dems have had on this state for 150 years - "Absolute power corrupts absolutely!" Today's Democrat Party is not the party for which past generations of Arkansans have voted. We need to take our country back to the original intent the Founding Fathers expressed initially in the Constitution. It is time that the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the government are relegated back to
that original intent so that freedom can once again reign in this land.

I have heard Rick Crawford speak on three different occasions. He is an exciting candidate who truly exudes the true tenor of a Patriot. He has concrete ideas on how to solve the issues facing this country today. When we have representatives in Congress who believe "Castro was the brightest mind around", we need a true American voice in the US Congress to put down the revolutionary ideology that has seeped into the our government. We need a Congressman who has the courage and the stamina to take a stand and who will not compromise his or Arkansans conservative principles. I am proud to back Rick Crawford's efforts to become the next representative from the 1st Congressional District of Arkansas.

Jon Hubbard said...

Marion Berry is a perfect example of why we need term-limits on all US Senate and House of Representative seats in our Congress! He has become just another part of the unresponsive and uncaring "professional politician" problem that has infested our government for a long time. He thinks he is above reproach, questioning, and and even responding to his constituents, unless of course, he feels that he is in danger of losing votes to a real candidate who understands the needs of the people. His total absence during the requested town hall meetings is clear evidence that he fears that the dangerous sleeping giant, his knowledgible constituents, has now awakened, and is ready to send him packing.

Marion Berry has far outlived his usefullness, if he even had any to begin with, to the people of Arkansas and this nation. He, like Blanche Lincoln, have become "mouthpieces" for this liberal-socialist regime that has stolen our government, and who are striping the American people of our beloved Rights granted under our US Constitution.

It is time for Marion Berry and the rest of his anti-American crowd to go, and return this nation back into the hands of it's people!

GOD Bless our Troops, and GOP Bless America!

Nancy Ivy said...

Berry does not take the concerns of the people he is suppose to be working for. He like most all politicians have their own agenda and only care what they are going to get out of the deal

Paul White said...

Berry says one thing and does another. He has not done what is best for our Country and State as a whole.

You cant give our money away to people that don't want to work. The working man is in charge and Berry works for US. Limited Government is what District 1 is about and Berry is a BIG Government, hand our money out kinda guy.

Jack McNally said...

Berry does not Rep. my values in any way. He is out of touch
with the people of the First Dist. and does not care. I am a member of the Lonoke County Republican Committee and I am willing to work for his defeat. I met Dick Crawford in Walnut Ridge on Saturday at our District meeting. He seams like a Fine young man. He has my vote.

John Flora said...

Yesterday's vote in favor of Obamacare would be reason enough to Boot Berry

Mary Arbeene said...

Berry ignores the will of his constituents. He took a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, NOT to take away our Rights.

Terry Ocheltree said...

Rep. Berry will not listen. I have emailed him several time with no response. I mailed him a letter (snail mail) and he responded via email. (I still haven't figured out how he got my email. I asked response.) After this weekend he needs to go.

Michael Arbeene said...

Health care decisions should be mine, not the governments.

Brenda Penkunas said...

The Democrats have went off the deep end. If you look at the states that are liberal they are on the verge of collapse and I feel that we are next if we continue down this road of spending and spending and no end in sight for democrats. This is scary. We are bailing these liberal states out that the democrats are running. They need to be voted out. Berry is one of them and he needs to go.

John Caruso said...

Letter to Berry,

I see you chose to listen to your political party rather than your constituents on H R 3962. All I have to tell you is good luck next election if this country's representative form of government lasts that long.

David Sonnier said...

It's time for Marion Berry to go. He has chosen the extreme agenda of Obama and Pelosi over the best interests of the people he was elected to represent. Let's get him out of there while we still have a chance to undo the damage he's done.

James W. Cunningham, Jr. said...

Berry is too weak on principles and needs to be replaced with someone who is not going to compromise real moral values with idiots who are relativists. We need to identify and boot out all "Conservatives In Name Only "CINO's."

Thomas & Charlie Frame said...

Anyone who supports government run health care is only adding to our national debt that will have to be paid for by future generations, today's seniors, current private insurance providers. It will lower our quality of service for all medical procedures. Try getting something for nothing! We will be getting nothing for our wasted tax dollars! Most Americans don't want this health care reform, so why are we even considering it? All we have to do is see how Europe's system works, it doesn't!

There is an old song entitled "Mind Your Own Business, And You Won't Be Minding Mine". My health is between my doctor and I, and no business of the government! This is just another way of the government trying to control our lives. Thank you Mr. Berry for helping me decide who to vote against in 2010, including Mr. Pryor, Mrs. Lincoln, etc.

Bill McBride said...

Mr. Berry has forgotten that we hired him to vote as we wish. And when an employee refuses to perform their job properly, and ignores their orders, they should be fired.

Josh Waters said...

As a college student, I'm concerned that Berry keeps voting for things that will directly affect mine and my kids future. Voting for a bill that is full of new taxes, adding billions to the national debt, and making it more expensive for health insurance will all be hard to overcome and will have to be fixed by my generation because of all the mistakes Berry / Obama/ Pelosi/Reid have currently done. He must go NOW!!! Rick Crawfrod 2010!!!

Ron Miller said...

We need a new beginning, we need a red dog, not another lap dog.

Anonymous said...
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Douglas Warner said...

I would like to Boot Berry because he has not done the things,
the basic things that an elected representative is expected to do, and frankly, takes an oath to do.

He was elected by the people of the 1st District. The people of the 1st District have completely different views on things like Health Care, Cap and Trade and excessive spending than Berry does. At the very least, we expect him to read the bills before
supporting or voting yes on them. What he is doing isn't epresenting us, it is catering to the Obama administration at our expense.

I have written many letters and E-mails to him and I get "Cut and Paste" responses. If I ask questions on the same issue twice, I get a carbon copy reply. This
isn't representation, it is a blow off, a complete dismissal of his
obligation as an elected representative of the people. When he sold us out, he gave away our right to have a voice in Washington.

Americans have a constitutional right to a voice in Washington, Berry is taking that
right away to gain favor with Pelosi and Obama. That isn't Democracy, it is communism, socialism, Aristocracy even, but it isn't Democracy. Marion
Berry has dropped his commitment to the people of Arkansas' 1st District and given his loyalty to Obama, Pelosi and the party line, helping to engineer the country's economic train down the tracks toward socialism.

That, plus the fact that every time I go to his office in Cabot, no one is there, I believe he needs to go and Rick Crawford needs to represent me.

Jennifer T said...

I have never been a fan of this man and have never felt Marion Berry represented me in any way shape or form. He should not have been allowed to be in office this long ... it is way past time for this!!!

Billy West said...

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice shame on me.

Chub Journagan said...

Read the news: he "BOOTED" himself out. To honest,hardworking
and caring people,remember: "Plain talk is easily understood" something to look for in everyday people,especially politicians.

Jean McClellan-Chambers said...

Not only do we need to Boot Berryism out of the 1st District but
Snyderism out of the 2nd District, but that does not mean we elect a

Chad said...

Berryism has done more to destroy the moral fiber and work ethic of his district than anyone I know.