Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rick Crawford Announces Official Bid for Congress; Outlines Legislative Priorities

This evening Rick Crawford formally announced his candidacy for a 2010 run for Arkansas’ First District as United States House of Representatives. At present, he would be running against the Democrat incumbent Congressman Marion Berry. Crawford's announcement was made at a public event held at the farm of David Hodges in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Crawford was literally born in the service of his country on a military base while his father served our country. After graduating from high school, Rick enlisted in the United States Army where he served as a bomb disposal technician. He served four years and advanced to the rank of Sergeant and earned numerous medals for service in the U.S. and Southwest Asia. He also had the privilege of serving on numerous U.S. Secret Service security details supporting presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush among other U.S. and foreign dignitaries. He understands his "oath" to preserve and to protect the United States of America and the need to support our military.

After servicing in the Army, Rick attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro and earned a B.A. in Agriculture Business and Economics. Since graduating, Rick’s career has been primarily focused on agriculture in both agri-communications and general agri-business. He has been a news anchor and agri-reporter on KAIT-TV in Jonesboro, Farm Director on KFIN-FM in Jonesboro and producer/anchor of the syndicated Delta Farm Roundup TV show airing in Cape Girardeau, Missouri; Jonesboro, Arkansas; and Greenville, Mississippi. Rick has also been a featured agri-columnist in the Northeast Arkansas Business Today publication. He now owns and operates the AgWatch Network – a farm news network heard on 39 radio stations in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky as well as TV stations in Little Rock and Jonesboro.

In 2006, Rick also helped shape agriculture and agriculture policy for former Republican Congressman and Undersecretary of Homeland Security Asa Hutchison bid to be Arkansas Governor. Rick is a broadcast council member of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting. Rick is also a member of the 4-H Foundation Board of Arkansas. Rick currently serves as first vice-chairman of the Craighead County GOP Committee. Rick and his wife Stacy - also an ASU Alumnus - live in Jonesboro. They have two children – four-year-old Will and 22-month-old Delaney.

Crawford outlined his legislative priorities for the many in attendance.

“Today marks a new day in the First District”, Crawford said. “I am a small businessman, I own an agri-business and understand the challenges farmers face, and I am a military veteran who is better qualified to represent the First District of Arkansas than the incumbent”. Crawford went on to outline his priorities for Congress; “We need to grow the economy, create jobs, and rein in federal spending.”

Crawford emphasized his conservative philosophy on the role of the federal government. “It is time we take conservative principles, Arkansas values, and tested leadership back to Washington and get our nation back on track”.

Crawford also outlined key initiatives that will benefit the lives of the everyday Arkansans:

The Economy
  • Cut taxes across the board for every taxpayer
  • More incentives for businesses to mitigate risks and create jobs
Federal Spending & The National Debt
  • Cut wasteful spending and start paying off our national debt
  • Reduce the size of our government so businesses can grow again and prosperity can be realized by every American
Healthcare Reform
  • No government run health care
  • No public option
  • No government funded abortions, end of life counseling programs, or euthanasia initiatives
  • Free market principles to help bring costs down and increase access to quality care
  • Create programs where farmers can mitigate risk through tax credits and tax cuts so farmers are not leveraged every year
  • Allow farmers to have group insurance coverage like other businesses
“Today starts a new day in which the voices of everyday Arkansans will be heard in Washington”, Crawford said. “As your next Representative, you can be assured I will stand for your values in Congress.”
ARRA News Service

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Successful Cabot Recess Rally

Approximately 100 people who our Democratic elected officials would call right-wing extremist un-American members of an angry mob gathered today outside Congressman Marion Berry's office in Cabot, AR yesterday. The exercise of their 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble and voice their grievances with government by these concerned citizens earns them such monikers from President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and even their own Arkansas delegation in DC.

The Good Lord blessed rallygoers with outstanding weather for the Cabot, AR Recess Rally. After several weeks of 90+ temperatures, high humidity, and rain, they had sunshine, low humidity, and a high in the mid 80's.

Speakers at the rally included Jacque Martin, Buddy Rogers, Dr. James McNair, and organizers John Allison and Belinda Whitley.

Martin organized the Heber Springs Tea Parties and serves as a coordinator for the organization, Secure Arkansas. She passionately explained to the crowd that Obama's government-run health care plan is less about providing quality care than it is about controlling the American people. Rogers and Dr. McNair are both exploring the possibility of seeking the GOP nomination for the 2010 Senate race against Democratic incumbent Blanche Lincoln.

Dr. McNair is a practicing opthamologist in Heber Springs and Rogers is currently working as a financial adviser in Rogers, AR. Rogers is an Army veteran who served 21 years as a medical officer in health care administration. For almost a quarter of that time he worked as a professor in a Baylor University-US Army master’s degree program in health care administration, teaching, advising graduate students, and conducting research. Rogers and Dr. McNair proposed alternative solutions to the Obama plan for health care reform, which proved Obama and congressional Democrats are lying through their teeth when they state Republicans have no alternatives to offer. The alternatives proposed at the rally did not include a government-run or single-payer system.

Whitley, a Registered Nurse, read several quotes from one of Obama's top health care advisers, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, which make clear the doctor's vision for our health care system will deprive the elderly and the very young of quality care, in order to preserve those "productive" citizens who contribute to the US Treasury.

Allison kicked off the rally by debunking the myth propagated by Democrats that rallies such as this are "astroturf" campaigns, implying special interest backing from lobbyists and other DC political interests. He explained that he spent his entire life in Arkansas with the exception of four years he served in the US Marine Corps. Allison told the crowd prior to taking on his current career as a high school math teacher at Vilonia High School, he and his wife owned and operated a chicken farm in north central Arkansas. He stated, "Folks, it doesn't get much more grassroots than chicken farming."

Allison and Whitley said they'd hoped for a larger crowd, but this was a start. Compared with other rallies held across the country, the turnout was pretty good on a per capita basis. Cabot, AR has a population of less than 24,000 compared to almost twice that in Salina, KS. According to one internet article, the rally in Salina also had approximately 100 in attendance. It was estimated about 2,000 showed up for rallies in Chicago which has a population of almost 2.5 million. So, for a small town like Cabot, the turn out was good and organizers consider the rally a success.

Only time will tell if Berry will listen to his constituents. Rallies held in Jonesboro and Mountain Home outside Berry's other Arkansas offices coincided with today's event in Cabot. Berry was invited to address the crowd but refused.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

AFP's Patients First Bus Tour in Arkansas

Teresa Crossland-Oelke, Americans for Prosperity-Arkansas: Next week, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Arkansas’ Patients First Bus Tour is rolling into your area! The tour has already visited Virginia and North Carolina and you would not BELIEVE the energy and excitement at these rallies! Hundreds of people have come out to show their support for free-market health care solutions, morning, noon and night, and local news media have been all over it.

As it becomes increasingly apparent that some Congressmen and women intend on voting against the will of the people, it is up to us to remind them who they work for. At each stop, we will have a press conference/rally before rolling onto the next city. Everyone will have an opportunity to sign our petition telling the government to keep their Hands Off Our Healthcare! Look at the list of cities below and see which bus tour stop you will attend! By doing so, signing petitions, and voicing your opinion we will make certain that Congress knows that if they continue to ignore us (their employer) they will find themselves without a job in 2010.

Monday, 8/24/09
Cabot – 8:00 a.m.
Outside City Hall
101 North Cabot Street

Beebe – 9:00 a.m.
Knight’s Super Foods
1701 W. DeWitt Henry Drive

Newport – 12:00 p.m.
Village Mall Parking Lot
2100 Block Malcolm Ave.

Walnut Ridge – 3:00 p.m.
Lawrence Co. Courthouse
315 West Main Street

Pocahontas – 4:00 p.m.
Across from New Courthouse
107 West Broadway

Paragould – 5:30 p.m.
Greene Co. Courthouse
320 West Court Street

Tuesday, 8/25/09
Jonesboro – 8:00 a.m.
Old Courthouse Square

Marion – 10:30 a.m.
Fidelity National Bank
330 West Military Road

West Memphis – 12:00 p.m.
Holiday Inn
2007 S. Service Road

Forrest City – 2:30 p.m.
Parking Lot N. or Burger King
2400 N. Washington Street

Lonoke – 4:30 p.m.
The Lonoke Depot
102 SW Front Street

Wednesday, 8/26/09
Stuttgart – 8:00 a.m.
Stuttgart One Stop
408 E. 22 nd Street

England – 10:00 a.m.
William Foster City park
Downtown England

Hot Springs Village – 12:00 p.m.
Balboa Pavillion

Little Rock – 4:30 p.m.
State Capital Steps

P.S. If you can’t make it out to a Patients First Bus Tour stop, go online and sign the petition anyway.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is the nation’s premier grassroots organization committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The People’s Town Hall

Confirmed incident: Recently a local constituent visited Rep. Marion Berry's official office at the Baxter County Court House in Mountain Home, AR and met former Mayor Joe Dillard, Berry's Mountain Home only paid staff /office manager, entering his "official" office. Dillard kept the constituent standing outside the office door and did not ask or allow the person to enter the "official office." The constituent politely asked when and where Rep. Berry was going to hold town hall meetings to address legislative actions that have passed and are pending. Dillard responded, "did you call Rep. Marion Berry." Again, this is an official Rep, Berry office location to visit or to call to comment or request assistance is Rep. Berry's Mountain Home office. Dillard failed to invite the constituent into Berry's official office and did not take down any information from the constituent. Note, Dillard did not advise that people should call another office in Arkansas. Again our tax money NOT at work! Why is Dillard is on Berry's payroll if he does not assist constituents?

Yesterday, an ARRA News Service article Today in Washington D. C. - August 3, 2009 - People's Town Halls Shaping the Discussion referenced a pending a town hall being held in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The people of the 1st District have noted Rep. Marion Berry's lack of willingness to meet with his constituents in a public town hall format. A lot of voters are concerned and a lot of TEA Party rallies have been held all over Arkansas' 1st District.
While members of Congress are home or traveling, most of them, especially the Democrats, are hiding from the voters. Regardless, the public is shaping the dynamics of the discussion on health care, and the impact is being felt by the Democrats.

Across the nation the people are now meeting without their elected representative in what has been called "Recess Rallies." As an example, on Saturday at 5:30 PM in the Arkansas Ozarks in Rep. Marion Berry district, the people are no longer waiting. They are holding a rally dubbed “The People’s Town Hall" right outside one of Rep. Berry's offices in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Local organizers, Richard Caster and Chris Tuthill said: "Senator Blanche Lincoln and Congressman Marion Berry have refused to hold any form of a town hall for the people of the Ozarks to voice their concerns; so we will hold a town hall for them. Whether or not our elected representatives show up, is not the point. The speakers will be the people in the crowd who will share their concerns about nationalized health care. This "town hall" is being broadcast live by Mountain Talk 97.1 FM and will be available worldwide on their station website. In addition, CDs will be made and provided to the offices of Rep. Marion Berry and Sen. Blanche Lincoln."
A source has revealed that Rep. Marion Berry has asked (summoned) the organizers of the above People's Town Hall to drive to Jonesborro, Arkansas to meet "privately" with him in Jonesborro, Arkansas. Begs the question, Why does Berry have an "official office" in the County Courthouse in Mountain Home, Arkansas, if he is unwilling to visit the people in the NW region of his district other than to coordinate with Democrat contributors?
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Twenty-Ten" by Lloyd Marcus

The latest song by patriot Lloyd Marcus, who created the American Tea Party Anthem at the beginning of the conservative awakening that began earlier this year.

We need to help make this come true by sending Marion Berry back to Gillett!
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Recess Rally--Jonesboro, AR

The following is a letter to the editor written by Debbie Pelley, organizer of the original Jonesboro, AR Tea Party. It is posted here with her permission.
August 18, 2009

Letter to the Editor: Arkansas Unite, a coalition of Arkansas Tea Parties, is supporting the nationwide Recess Rallies planned for Saturday, August 22, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. Citizens are being asked to join a rally at their nearest congressman's office to oppose Obama's health care plan.

Citizens in the Jonesboro area of Representative Marion Berry's district have planned a rally at his office on 108 E. Huntington , Jonesboro on that date and time. Berry has refused to have any townhall meetings.

Arkansas is in a key position in this battle. Representatives Mike Ross and Marion Berry are chair and vice chair (respectively) of the fiscally conservative Blue Dogs' task force on health care.

Citizens have been inflamed and galvanized by a recent video containing the following quotes. To view this video, google "Obama supports single payer health care video."

Obama: (before he became president) “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program. …. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. …we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.” (Single payer means the government is the sole provider of health care)

Democrat Congressman Barney Franks, 7-27-2009: "I think if we get a good public option it could lead to single-payer; that's the best way to reach single-payer."

Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakoswky, from Illinois : "And next to me was a guy from the insurance company saying it wouldn't let private insurance compete; the public option will put the private insurance industry out of business. My fellow citizens, he was right; the man was right." Note: And only the single-payer plan would be left.

To make it worse, President Obama on August 11, 2009 denied saying he was ever for single payer health care plan, saying in answer to a question: “I have not said that I was a single-payer supporter."

I believe these rallies on August 22 will be more significant than the Tea Parties earlier this year.
The rally in Jonesboro will coincide with the Recess Rally in Cabot we've posted about earlier.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sign/Flyer Ideas for Recess Rallies

Here are some sign ideas for Saturday's Cabot, AR rally to protest Obama's government-run health care plan. Feel free to leave more ideas as comments to this post. We're less than a week away, so here's a little update.

As expected, Berry turned down our invitation to speak at Saturday's rally. Those attending may want to bring lawn chairs if they have difficulty standing for long periods of time. Right now, the forecast for Saturday is sunshine with a high temperature of 86, about 4 degrees below normal. Still, 86 is plenty warm so it might also be a good idea to bring a bottle of water or something else to drink. There's a gas station, Fred's, and a Sonic a short walk away where food, snacks, and drinks can be purchased, but refreshments won't be available on the site of the rally.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there. So far feedback is indicating we'll have a pretty good turnout. You can also click here for a map to the rally.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Cabot Recess Rally (Update)

Just a quick update on the upcoming Recess Rally in Cabot to protest President Obama's attempt to force a government takeover of the health care system on August 22.

The rally will be held in the parking lot next to City Hall at 110 S. 2nd St. in downtown Cabot. Detailed maps and directions will be included in a post later this week.

Curtis Coleman's campaign had to cancel. His campaign called us the other day and explained they'd double-booked him that day. But we have some good news too!

Buddy Rogers, who's also considering a run for US Senate against Blanche Lincoln, will be speaking at this event. Rogers' speech will invalidate the administration's claims that there are no alternatives to his government takeover of our health care system. He plans to offer just such alternative reforms based on his experience working in the system. Rogers spent more than 20 years in the US Army serving as a health care administrator. He's authored a paper on switching the military health care system to a market based system and served as a professor in a US Army-Baylor University master's degree program in health care administration. Subscribers to the Arkansas Democrat can also check out another of his recently published article on health care reform: Reject Public Option.

Yesterday, we visited Marion Berry's office in Cabot and extended the Representative an invitation to speak and/or take questions at the rally. You may have read that Berry has scheduled no events to hear from or address his constituents during the August recess, but we thought the polite thing to do was make certain he's invited to our event. Once he responds, we'll let you know whether or not we can expect him next Saturday.

Be sure to invite your friends and family and bring signs. Next week, we'll post an update including directions, maps, and parking instructions. Be sure to invite your friends and family so we can make Berry and our other elected officials understand how real our movement is.

We're still looking for those interested in speaking or helping out. If you're interested, or even if you're planning to attend and would like email updates, please RSVP using this form.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Testing Government Run Health Care

Fiends discuss the importance of "testing" something before you risk it all. This lesson is applied to the health care reform debate in Washington. Check out more videos like this at Not So Sure. [Source]

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PAYGO won't mean a balanced budget

What would you call a Congressman who voted for a bill that led to the US being on the hook for nearly $24 TRILLION, then voted to spend billions more on the two most inefficient American auto companies, then voted to spend another $787 billion on a stimulus plan that didn't stimulate the economy, then voted for a federal budget that QUADRUPLED the deficit in just one year, and after all that, claimed to be a fiscal conservative?

Hypocrite seems to fit.

After voting for all the irresponsible spending noted above, last week I received an email from Berry titled "Join me in my support of PAYGO." Just in case you don't know, PAYGO is the short, misleading name for HR 2920 that passed the US House on July 22 of this year. The name of course leads one to believe this bill will force Congress to pass a balanced budget every year once it becomes law. So you may be asking yourself why would we have a problem with it?

It's simple. This bill DOES NOT force Congress to pass a balanced budget. It's nothing more than a typical Washington con job, intentionally designed to fool the American people. Marion Berry and his Democratic colleagues expect you to see the title and read no more. They don't expect you to read the bill and they don't expect you to look back to the previous grossly irresponsible, wasteful votes listed above.

But we did read the bill and the Democratic hypocrisy is more blatant than we could have even imagined. After pages and pages of lawyer language demanding the return of fiscal responsibility in DC, we arrived at the final section of the bill. Section 11 is titled "Exemptions" and as its name implies, it enumerates all the government programs the DC swindlers can continue to spend more money than we have on. Now, if you want to read them all, you're going to be here a while.

Here's a list of programs that the government will still be able to spend more than it takes in on, even if this supposed "PAYGO" legislation becomes law. This list just makes the hypocrisy of Berry and the rest of the DC Democrats as obvious as the nose on your face.
  • ‘Activities resulting from private donations, bequests, or voluntary contributions to the Government.
  • ‘Activities financed by voluntary payments to the Government for goods or services to be provided for such payments.
  • ‘Administration of Territories, Northern Mariana Islands Covenant grants (14-0412-0-1-808).
  • ‘Advances to the Unemployment Trust Fund and Other Funds (16-0327-0-1-600).
  • ‘Black Lung Disability Trust Fund Refinancing (16-0329-0-1-601).
  • ‘Bonneville Power Administration Fund and borrowing authority established pursuant to section 13 of Public Law 93-454 (1974), as amended (89-4045-0-3-271).
  • ‘Claims, Judgments, and Relief Acts (20-1895-0-1-808).
  • ‘Compact of Free Association (14-0415-0-1-808).
  • ‘Compensation of the President (11-0209-01-1-802).
  • ‘Comptroller of the Currency, Assessment Funds (20-8413-0-8-373).
  • ‘Continuing Fund, Southeastern Power Administration (89-5653-0-2-271).
  • ‘Continuing Fund, Southwestern Power Administration (89-5649-0-2-271).
  • ‘Dual Benefits Payments Account (60-0111-0-1-601).
  • ‘Emergency Fund, Western Area Power Administration (89-5069-0-2-271).
  • ‘Exchange Stabilization Fund (20-4444-0-3-155).
  • ‘Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Deposit Insurance Fund (51-4596-4-4-373).
  • ‘Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FSLIC Resolution Fund (51-4065-0-3-373).
  • ‘Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Noninterest Bearing Transaction Account Guarantee (51-4458-0-3-373).
  • ‘Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Senior Unsecured Debt Guarantee (51-4457-0-3-373).
  • ‘Federal Housing Finance Agency, Administrative Expenses (95-5532-0-2-371).
  • ‘Federal Payment to the District of Columbia Judicial Retirement and Survivors Annuity Fund (20-1713-0-1-752).
  • ‘Federal Payment to the District of Columbia Pension Fund (20-1714-0-1-601).
  • ‘Federal Payments to the Railroad Retirement Accounts (60-0113-0-1-601).
  • ‘Federal Reserve Bank Reimbursement Fund (20-1884-0-1-803).
  • ‘Financial Agent Services (20-1802-0-1-803).
  • ‘Foreign Military Sales Trust Fund (11-8242-0-7-155).
  • ‘Hazardous Waste Management, Conservation Reserve Program (12-4336-0-3-999).
  • ‘Host Nation Support Fund for Relocation (97-8337-0-7-051).
  • ‘Internal Revenue Collections for Puerto Rico (20-5737-0-2-806).
  • ‘Intragovernmental funds, including those from which the outlays are derived primarily from resources paid in from other government accounts, except to the extent such funds are augmented by direct appropriations for the fiscal year during which an order is in effect.
  • ‘Medical Facilities Guarantee and Loan Fund (75-9931-0-3-551).
  • ‘National Credit Union Administration, Central Liquidity Facility (25-4470-0-3-373).
  • ‘National Credit Union Administration, Corporate Credit Union Share Guarantee Program (25-4476-0-3-376).
  • ‘National Credit Union Administration, Credit Union Homeowners Affordability Relief Program (25-4473-0-3-371).
  • ‘National Credit Union Administration, Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (25-4468-0-3-373).
  • ‘National Credit Union Administration, Credit Union System Investment Program (25-4474-0-3-376).
  • ‘National Credit Union Administration, Operating fund (25-4056-0-3-373).
  • ‘National Credit Union Administration, Share Insurance Fund Corporate Debt Guarantee Program (25-4469-0-3-376).
  • ‘National Credit Union Administration, U.S. Central Federal Credit Union Capital Program (25-4475-0-3-376).
  • ‘Office of Thrift Supervision (20-4108-0-3-373).
  • ‘Panama Canal Commission Compensation Fund (16-5155-0-2-602).
  • ‘Payment of Vietnam and USS Pueblo prisoner-of-war claims within the Salaries and Expenses, Foreign Claims Settlement account (15-0100-0-1-153).
  • ‘Payment to Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (24-0200-0-1-805).
  • ‘Payment to Department of Defense Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund (97-0850-0-1-054).
  • ‘Payment to Judiciary Trust Funds (10-0941-0-1-752).
  • ‘Payment to Military Retirement Fund (97-0040-0-1-054).
  • ‘Payment to the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund (19-0540-0-1-153).
  • ‘Payments to Copyright Owners (03-5175-0-2-376).
  • ‘Payments to Health Care Trust Funds (75-0580-0-1-571).
  • ‘Payment to Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund (15-0333-0-1-054).
  • ‘Payments to Social Security Trust Funds (28-0404-0-1-651).
  • ‘Payments to the United States Territories, Fiscal Assistance (14-0418-0-1-806).
  • ‘Payments to trust funds from excise taxes or other receipts properly creditable to such trust funds.
  • ‘Payments to widows and heirs of deceased Members of Congress (00-0215-0-1-801).
  • ‘Postal Service Fund (18-4020-0-3-372).
  • ‘Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund (15-8116-0-1-054).
  • ‘Reimbursement to Federal Reserve Banks (20-0562-0-1-803).
  • ‘Salaries of Article III judges.
  • ‘Soldiers and Airmen’s Home, payment of claims (84-8930-0-7-705).
  • ‘Tennessee Valley Authority Fund, except nonpower programs and activities (64-4110-0-3-999).
  • ‘Tribal and Indian trust accounts within the Department of the Interior which fund prior legal obligations of the Government or which are established pursuant to Acts of Congress regarding Federal management of tribal real property or other fiduciary responsibilities, including but not limited to Tribal Special Fund (14-5265-0-2-452), Tribal Trust Fund (14-8030-0-7-452), White Earth Settlement (14-2204-0-1-452), and Indian Water Rights and Habitat Acquisition (14-5505-0-2-303).
  • ‘United Mine Workers of America 1992 Benefit Plan (95-8260-0-7-551).
  • ‘United Mine Workers of America 1993 Benefit Plan (95-8535-0-7-551).
  • ‘United Mine Workers of America Combined Benefit Fund (95-8295-0-7-551).
  • ‘United States Enrichment Corporation Fund (95-4054-0-3-271).
  • ‘Universal Service Fund (27-5183-0-2-376).
  • ‘Vaccine Injury Compensation (75-0320-0-1-551).
  • ‘Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Trust Fund (20-8175-0-7-551).
  • ‘(B) The following Federal retirement and disability accounts and activities shall be exempt from reduction under any order issued under this part:
  • ‘Black Lung Disability Trust Fund (20-8144-0-7-601).
  • ‘Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System Fund (56-3400-0-1-054).
  • ‘Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (24-8135-0-7-602).
  • ‘Comptrollers general retirement system (05-0107-0-1-801).
  • ‘Contributions to U.S. Park Police annuity benefits, Other Permanent Appropriations (14-9924-0-2-303).
  • ‘Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Retirement Fund (95-8290-0-7-705).
  • ‘Department of Defense Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund (97-5472-0-2-551).
  • ‘District of Columbia Federal Pension Fund (20-5511-0-2-601).
  • ‘District of Columbia Judicial Retirement and Survivors Annuity Fund (20-8212-0-7-602).
  • ‘Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Fund (16-1523-0-1-053).
  • ‘Foreign National Employees Separation Pay (97-8165-0-7-051).
  • ‘Foreign Service National Defined Contributions Retirement Fund (19-5497-0-2-602).
  • ‘Foreign Service National Separation Liability Trust Fund (19-8340-0-7-602).
  • ‘Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund(19-8186-0-7-602).
  • ‘Government Payment for Annuitants, Employees Health Benefits (24-0206-0-1-551).
  • ‘Government Payment for Annuitants, Employee Life Insurance (24-0500-0-1-602).
  • ‘Judicial Officers’ Retirement Fund (10-8122-0-7-602).
  • ‘Judicial Survivors’ Annuities Fund (10-8110-0-7-602).
  • ‘Military Retirement Fund (97-8097-0-7-602).
  • ‘National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust (60-8118-0-7-601).
  • ‘National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration retirement (13-1450-0-1-306).
  • ‘Pensions for former Presidents (47-0105-0-1-802).
  • ‘Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund (24-5391-0-2-551).
  • ‘Public Safety Officer Benefits (15-0403-0-1-754).
  • ‘Rail Industry Pension Fund (60-8011-0-7-601).
  • ‘Retired Pay, Coast Guard (70-0602-0-1-403).
  • ‘Retirement Pay and Medical Benefits for Commissioned Officers, Public Health Service (75-0379-0-1-551).
  • ‘Special Benefits for Disabled Coal Miners (16-0169-0-1-601).
  • ‘Special Benefits, Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (16-1521-0-1-600).
  • ‘Special Workers Compensation Expenses (16-9971-0-7-601).
  • ‘Tax Court Judges Survivors Annuity Fund (23-8115-0-7-602).
  • ‘United States Court of Federal Claims Judges’ Retirement Fund (10-8124-0-7-602).
  • ‘United States Secret Service, DC Annuity (70-0400-0-1-751).
  • ‘Voluntary Separation Incentive Fund (97-8335-0-7-051).
  • ‘(2) Prior legal obligations of the Government in the following budget accounts and activities shall be exempt from any order issued under this part:
  • ‘Biomass Energy Development (20-0114-0-1-271).
  • ‘Check Forgery Insurance Fund (20-4109-0-3-803).
  • ‘Credit liquidating accounts.
  • ‘Credit reestimates.
  • ‘Employees Life Insurance Fund (24-8424-0-8-602).
  • ‘Federal Aviation Insurance Revolving Fund (69-4120-0-3-402).
  • ‘Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Fund (12-4085-0-3-351).
  • ‘Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Flood Insurance Fund (58-4236-0-3-453).
  • ‘Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac).
  • ‘Federal National Mortgage Corporation (Fannie Mae).
  • ‘Geothermal resources development fund (89-0206-0-1-271).
  • ‘Low-Rent Public Housing--Loans and Other Expenses (86-4098-0-3-604).
  • ‘Maritime Administration, War Risk Insurance Revolving Fund (69-4302-0-3-403).
  • ‘Natural Resource Damage Assessment Fund (14-1618-0-1-302).
  • ‘Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Noncredit Account (71-4184-0-3-151).
  • ‘Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Fund (16-4204-0-3-601).
  • ‘San Joaquin Restoration Fund (14-5537-0-2-301).
  • ‘Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Fund (36-4009-0-3-701).
  • ‘Terrorism Insurance Program (20-0123-0-1-376).
  • ‘(h) Low-income Programs- The following programs shall be exempt from reduction under any order issued under this part:
  • ‘Academic Competitiveness/Smart Grant Program (91-0205-0-1-502).
  • ‘Child Care Entitlement to States (75-1550-0-1-609).
  • ‘Child Enrollment Contingency Fund (75-5551-0-2-551).
  • ‘Child Nutrition Programs (with the exception of special milk programs) (12-3539-0-1-605).
  • ‘Children’s Health Insurance Fund (75-0515-0-1-551).
  • ‘Commodity Supplemental Food Program (12-3507-0-1-605).
  • ‘Contingency Fund (75-1522-0-1-609).
  • ‘Family Support Programs (75-1501-0-1-609).
  • ‘Federal Pell Grants under section 401 Title IV of the Higher Education Act.
  • ‘Grants to States for Medicaid (75-0512-0-1-551).
  • ‘Payments for Foster Care and Permanency (75-1545-0-1-609).
  • ‘Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (12-3505-0-1-605).
  • ‘Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (75-1552-0-1-609).’
  • (d) Economic Recovery Programs- Section 255 of BBEDCA is amended by adding the following after subsection (h):
  • ‘(i) Economic Recovery Programs- The following programs shall be exempt from reduction under any order issued under this part:
  • ‘All programs enacted in, or increases in programs provided by, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
  • ‘Exchange Stabilization Fund-Money Market Mutual Fund Guaranty Facility (20-4274-0-3-376).
  • ‘Financial Stabilization Reserve (20-0131-4-1-376).
  • ‘GSE Mortgage-Backed Securities Purchase Program Account (20-0126-0-1-371).
  • ‘GSE Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements (20-0125-0-1-371).
  • ‘Office of Financial Stability (20-0128-0-1-376)
  • ‘Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (20-0133-0-1-376).
  • ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program Account (20-0132-0-1-376).
  • ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program Equity Purchase Program (20-0134-0-1-376).
  • ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program, Home Affordable Modification Program (20-0136-0-1-604).’
With all of these "exemptions," does anybody really believe this bill will provide for a balanced budget? This is a typical Berry tactic. In the months leading up to an election, Berry dons a conservative hat. As soon as he's elected, or his liberal Democratic colleagues need his vote, he's all too willing to turn on his conservative Arkansas constituents.
Don't let him fool you. Berry's no fiscal conservative.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Who Is Marion Berry Meeting With?" Contest

E Pluribus Unum at RedState: YouTube and FoxNews are fairly bursting with videos of “Townhall Meetings Gone Wild” since the congressional August recess kicked off this week. Unsurprisingly the Democrats are scurrying like cockroaches for the cover of darkness, unwilling to face the immediate consequences of their behavior in Washington (longer-term consequences are, alas, a bit less inescapable). Representative Marion Berry (D-AR) is no more or less shifty than the rest of them, but we happen to have a uniquely handy quote from [another Redstater] . . .
I called [Rep.Marion Berry's] office to see when his town hall meetings were going to be, and Emily, the scheduler, said he doesn’t have any meetings planned—when I feigned amazement (I’m not really at all surprised), she said that he was "having a few meetings with certain groups."
So, here’s the contest. Fill in this blank with the name of a group:
During the August recess, Marion Berry will be meeting with _________________.

Now the guidelines:
* Nothing vulgar or sexual in nature. Family site, guys. Ahem, Vladimir.
* The group can be either real or made-up.
* Each person can submit up to three entries, no more please, and try not to duplicate what’s already been done.
* Entries are closed when I get out of bed Thursday morning.
* Eight winners will be awarded, of which at least 2 will be *real* groups, and at least 2 will be *imaginary* groups.
* I choose winners, I alone. I am the EPU, and while I may be bribed, I will never be blackmailed.
* The judging criteria, I couldn’t tell ya. Whatever makes me laugh out loud, or say “Actually I bet that’s true”, or think “who even THINKS up something like that”. I dunno, just surprise me.
* It’s supposed to be fun. In fact, I don’t think we can avoid it. . . .
Below are a few of the submitted comments:
Scarlos: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
1. Acorn, and berating them for not bringing enough protesters to the town halls.
2. Health insurance companies, to make sure his coverage won’t be affected by the Obamacare.
3.George Soros. He’ll ask for funds to run ads that manipulate people into thinking anti-obamacare ads are funded by rich white people who want to manipulate the them.

azaeroprof: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
1. gypsies, tramps and thieves (thanks, Cher)
2. chemists from the Raid Co. to request a spray that will repel torches and pitchforks.
3. other members of the “Politicians Attempting to Live Up to their Unfortunate Birth Names” club.

SoFiMil: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
Saved By the Bell cast-off Screech. Each will finally be able to have an intellectual discussion with someone on their own level.

conservateacher: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
1. ICHA - Insurance Company Haters of Arkansas
2. DSA - Doctors for a Socialized America
3. COMA - Communists for the Overthrow of Mainstream America

wennejunk: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
1. Arkansas Workforce Commission - Just in case. Its important to know the process once you are laid off so there’s no delay in collecting unemployment and getting your resume in front of prospective employers.
2. Meetings with groups lobbying for Obamacare and CapNTrade. Just in case. If one votes for these bills and loses one’s job, its nice to have greased the skids for future employment.
3. Meetings with groups lobbying againstObamacare and CapNTrade. Just in case. If one votes against these bills and loses one’s job, its nice to have greased the skids for future employment.
After all, former Public Officials have to eat and pay for their VIP mortgages too.

Tbone: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
Congressional Retirement Benefits consultant.

Xasteius: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
1. and commiserating with politicians, like Jeanne Shaheen, over drinks who refuse to give in-person townhalls; the conversation being something like this over the unwillingness of their constituents to be brainwashed into accepting Obamacare:
2. or (conversation topic)
3. Weird Al, assisting with his reproduction of “Dare to be Stupid”

DCTrav: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
intelligence experts on the logistics of setting up a Congressional Protection Program similar to the Witness Protection Program, in which he and his fellow unpopular public servants can be protected when forced to head outside the beltway by taking up an assumed name in an undisclosed location. Funding of course, was hidden in the recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, in which Berry and other Democrats that represent conservative districts chose to fund and found this program as even if the truth regarding the program is uncovered, the wrath of their constituents is nothing compared to that of Nancy Pelosi.

pilgrim: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
David Axelrod - He is going to shout at him… HEY! WHERE’S MY ASTROTURF?

TNJim: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
WAFFLERS ON! (World Association of Forgetful Farmers Lacking Enlightenment on Receiving Subsidies, Or Not!)

glorybee: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
1) Our new Insect Overlords; as he’d like to remind them that as a trusted Congressman, he can be helpful in rounding up birthers, tea-party activists and other right-wing conspirators to toil in their underground sugar caves.
2) City Year (a real division of Americorp, complete with chants, line formations & uniforms) in order to ascertain that the youths are well-versed in how to indoctrinate second graders into the New World Order.
3) The Jonesboro Arkansas 4H as keynote speaker in the seminar; How to Obtain Government Farm Subsidies for Fun & Profit.

TallChE: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
2. SLIMEBALL - Some Legislators Increase Medical Expenses By A Lotta Lies
3. COWARD - Citizens Only Want A Real Debate

E Pluribus Unum: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
1. Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. . . .
2. OJ’s team of detectives who are still working tirelessly to “find the real killer”.
3. Boss Tweed, aka Rahm Emanuel, to discuss that ‘diarrhea of the mouth’ problem Marion has.

restofva: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
Marion Barry [His alter ego]

Michael Dugas: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
a “Local” Pharmaceutical Sales Person.

LJ "Beaglescout" Miller: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
1. the Dominos Pizza Delivery Guy once a day at the door to his Ozarks hide-away.
2. astroturfing Tea Partiers, grass-roots members of unions and ACORN, principled Democrats unicorns, leprechauns, and other mythical creatures.

DONTREADONME: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
Marion S. Barry to find out how to be a crook, lie, and still get people to vote you into office.

wcgreen: Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
the field covering at Walker Pavilion because he can’t tell political AstroTurf from the real thing.

johnallisoniii : Marion Berry will be meeting with . . .
all those out-of-state left-wing donors who will fund his campaign against his constituents.
Now join the fun, submit your submission to E Pluribus Unum's "Who is Marion Berry meeting with?" Contest. Also, please share your submission in a comment to this post.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Recess Rally--Cabot, AR

UPDATE: Buddy Rogers, another candidate for the GOP nomination in the 2010 US Senate Race in Arkansas, will speak at this event.

Marion Berry has NOT scheduled any interaction with constituents during the August Recess. Polls have shown Arkansas voters DON'T support Obama's plan to nationalize our health care industry. So we must do something to convince him that we're serious. That's why I'm organizing the Cabot, Ar Recess Rally, to be held simultaneously with other rallies across the nation at local offices of US representatives. Together, we can make our voices heard. We can turn the tide and stop the Obama-Reid-Pelosi runaway train bound for government-run health care.

I've spoken with City Hall and the Cabot Police Department and we're clear to hold the Recess Rally outside of Rep. Marion Berry's Cabot office at 12:00 noon on Saturday, August 22, 2009.

I'd like to have an organizational meeting to get ideas for what others would like to see at this rally on Thursday, August 13 in the evening at a location to be determined. If you have ideas, or would like to speak at the rally, please make plans to attend this meeting.

Contrary to White House and Democratic leaders' misleading remarks, this is not organized by the Republican Party or insurance industry lobbyists. I haven't spoken with them and they've made no attempts to contact me regarding this rally. This IS a grassroots movement and its success depends on you and me. As such, we have no advertising budget so please help spread the word. Tell your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to join us to stop nationalized health care in its tracks!

Please RSVP and let me know if you'd like to speak and/or volunteer at this event by completing this form.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obama Offensive in Arkansas

UPDATE: Limited Seating, Register NOW to attend!

Latest email from Obama's continuous campaign organization, Organizing for America (OFA). Arkansas' State Director of OFA, Kyle Simon was kind enough to inform us they're launching an offensive in Arkansas.

We need to make our presence felt. Here's the schedule for all the Arkansas stops this month. If at all possible, attend these meetings and make sure they hear our voice! Click the links below to register to attend.
August 6, Jonesboro, AR
WHEN:August 6, 6-8:00pm
WHERE:Edge Coffee House
1900 Aggie Road
Jonesboro, AR 72401
HostKyle Simon
August 11, Little Rock, AR
WHEN:August 11, 6-8:00pm
WHERE:Arkansas Education Association
1500 W 4th St
Little Rock, AR 72201
HostKyle Simon
August 13, Hot Springs, AR
WHEN:August 13, 6-8:00pm

Hot Springs, AR 71901
HostKyle Simon
August 15, Texarkana, AR
WHEN:August 15, 11:00am-1:00pm
WHERE:Harrelson Law Firm, P.A.
300 N. State Line Avenue
Texarkana, AR 71854
HostKyle Simon
August 18, Pine Bluff, AR
WHEN:August 18, 6-8:00pm
Pine Bluff, AR 71601
HostKyle Simon
August 20, Little Rock, AR
WHEN:August 20, 6-8:00pm
Little Rock, AR 72202
HostKyle Simon
August 25, Fort Smith, AR
WHEN:August 25, 6-8:00pm
WHERE:Sebastian County Democratic Comm.
221 Garrison Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901
HostKyle Simon
August 27, Fayetteville, AR
WHEN:August 27, 6-8:00pm
WHERE:U.S. Pizza
202 W Dickson St
Fayetteville, AR 72701
HostKyle Simon
There they are ladies and gentlemen -- the battlefields chosen by our opposition for the month of August. We're in the fight of our lives for the soul of our country. Sign up to attend now so our voice will be heard!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's Trade In This Clunker --> Congress & Rep. Marion Berry

by William Warren:

Cartoon -- Couple Discusses Using Cash for Clunker Program:
"It's inefficient, drains our budget, and doesn't work well at all. We should trade it in!
So how much can we get for this clunker?" - - -> Pointing to the US Congress
by Ozark Guru: Well, in 2010, we (the people) have an opportunity to trade in a large part of Congress. Get involved and work to turn America back from the rampant socialist spending and the destruction of American businesses, jobs and the economy and our health care and our WORKING class. Yes, the working class; those who work! Those who have lived free and choose not to surrender their freedom for a few empty promises that in reality strip away everything they have and make them part of welfare class needing the government to decide when, where and how to take care of them.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Card Checked! - The Game

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[H/T ARRA News Service]

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