Thursday, August 28, 2014

Arkansas GOP Files FEC Complaint Against Democrat James Lee Witt

"Another example of how Democrat James Lee Witt thinks the rules don’t apply to him" ~ Chairman Webb

Little Rock, Arkansas – The State Republican Party today submitted for filing a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint against Democratic Fourth Congressional District candidate James Lee Witt for failing to provide proper disclosures on campaign materials.

“Whether it’s trying to circumvent the competitive bidding process in Jefferson County so his company can receive taxpayer dollars, or ignoring federal campaign regulations, this is yet another example of how Democrat James Lee Witt thinks the rules don’t apply to him,” said Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb. “If Democrat James Lee Witt can’t even follow federal campaign law, how can he seriously ask Arkansans to let him write federal law as a member of Congress?”

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Seniors" AR

by Crossroads GPS:

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Pryor Reaches New Low With Bogus Ebola Ad

How Stupid Can I Be?
 National and local press mystified by Pryor's embarassing new ad

Senator Pryor's increasingly desperate ad campaign turned to the subject of Ebola in the face of a slew of polls showing that Pryor was trailing.  Sen. Mark Pryor claimed Rep. Tom Cotton is helping to spread the Ebola virus,  Below is a summary of what others think about the ad: which reeks of desperation.

According to the Associated Press, University of Arkansas political science professor Janine Parry called the ad "pretty alarmist," adding that "There's no getting around it, it's almost cartoonish in its insistence of tying a candidate for political office to global misfortune."

The co-hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe also ridiculed the ad. Mika Brzezinski said: "First of all, it sounds so cheesy. These ads are terrible." Joe Scarborough added: "I mean, come on. Seriously? Is this a Saturday Night Live ad?"

Sam Baker from National Journal wrote: "Health care has always been a magnet for campaignscare tactics...But Sen. Mark Pryor has taken it up a notch: He's thrown the Ebola outbreak into the mix."

Aaron Blake from The Washington Post wrote: "On Monday, a Republican Senate candidate in New Mexico launched a campaign ad featuring an image of James Foley's murderer. Not to be outdone, Sen. Mark Pryor's (D-Ark.) campaign is out with a new ad ... featuring the Ebola virus...It might not be the 'Daisy' ad, but Pryor's ad is certainly in the same genre of scare-tactic political advertising."

Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard wrote: "The latest attack ad from the Mark Pryor campaign is, well, absurd...Does Pryor believe Arkansas is Africa? Does he actually think Arkansans relate to Ebola? And that they're fearful of a coming epidemic?"

Betsy Woodruff of The Washington Examiner said the ad "features scary musiczombie movie-style shaky camerawork and an ominous voice-over saying “Tom Cotton voted against preparing America for pandemics like Ebola.”

Leon Wolf from RedState commented that, "You gotta give it to Mark Pryor. If he’s gonna go down, he’s not gonna go down running a vanilla campaign. Nor one based on the facts. It’s not often even in politics that you see people being accused of wanting to spread a deadly and exotic African disease to America. Especially given that the facts upon which the ad is even nominally based are wrong...So not only does Mark Pryor’s ad ludicrously claim that Tom Cotton is pro-Ebola, the very facts on which he bases his ad are completely and dead wrong. It took a little while, but the stench of flopsweat is reeking from the Pryor campaign now."

Politico included the ad in their list titled, "The most bizarre political ads of 2014."

Igor Bobic of the Huffington Post wrote that the ad "preys on fears over the growing Ebola outbreak in West Africa."

Even Pryor's loyal apologists over at The Arkansas Times couldn't get on board with Pryor's latest attack. Blogger Max Brantley lamented: "It's a shame that overly dramatic ads must be employed,"after the headline of "Tom Cotton voted for Ebola (well, not exactly)."

Never mind the fact that Tom Cotton on March 4, 2013 voted for passage  of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act of 2013 - the exact same bill Senator Pryor supported in the Senate. This is a fact that Senator Pryor will refuse to acknowledge.

it's not even to Labor Day yet, and Senator Pryor is airing this deception ad about the Ebola virus. Just imagine how much his desperation will ratchet up in the coming weeks as he comes to grip with the fact that voters will hold Pryor accountable in November for his record of rubber-stamping President Obama's agenda.

How Senatorial is it to lie to Arkansans in order to whip up fear about a deadly African virus in order to win a few votes? He failed Arkansans after we gave him a free pass in 2008. It's time Pryor to apologize and to be retired by the voters!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gov. Mike Huckabee Endorses Tom Cotton For U.S. Senate

 Huckabee: "You have to ask: Why did Mark Pryor vote so many times with President Obama?"

Little Rock, Arkansas — Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee endorsed Tom Cotton on Monday at a news conference in Little Rock, saying that the only way to change Washington is to change the people being sent to Washington.

Huckabee, who served as Governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007, praised Cotton, saying: "I think when you look at Tom Cotton's personal life story, it's one that is admirable from an American point of view.  To have grown up in a small town in Arkansas and ended with a very successful career, and yet when this country got in serious trouble with an attack from irrational jihadists, he didn't say 'Gee, I hope somebody else can go and do the fight.'  He took it on himself.  There just aren't many people you see who will leave a successful and lucrative career to make the sacrifice of standing between bullets, bombs, and the American people, which is exactly what he did.  That kind of selfless sacrifice is frankly all too rare in American politics today."
Cotton thanked Governor Huckabee for his support, saying that Huckabee helped pave the way for Republicans like him to run for office in Arkansas: "It really is because of Governor Huckabee's hard work in Arkansas over the last 25 years that people like me are able to run and compete and win elections in Arkansas now as a Republican.  I'm so grateful to have Governor Huckabee's endorsement."

Huckabee pointed out that Cotton's opponent, Senator Mark Pryor, is a defender of President Obama's agenda, saying: "You have to ask why did Mark Pryor vote so many times with President Obama, which is so different from the way the people of Arkansas would have voted?  This is not personal.  This is about what's best for America."

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Given Chance To Pad His Own Pockets, Mike Ross Cashed In

RGA Ad in the Arkansas Governor’s Race: “Some Things” - The Republican Governors Association released a new television advertisement today in the Arkansas governor’s race, which recounts one of Democrat Mike Ross’ most ‘eye popping’ sweetheart deals. “Congressman Mike Ross has a history of making sweetheart deals, including this instance where he sold his family pharmacy for far more than it was worth,” said RGA Communications Director Gail Gitcho. “Given the chance to pad his own pockets, Ross cashed in. Unfortunately for Mike Ross, he’s a typical politician, and that’s not what Arkansas wants in its next governor.”
Scipt: The only real estate appraiser in Prescott put it this way: “You can buy half the town for $420,000.”
Yet somehow, Mike Ross sold his Prescott pharmacy to the company of a campaign donor for just that amount.
A sweetheart deal.
An eye popping number.
A call for a Justice Department investigation.
And before it was done, Ross got another $800,000 from the same buyer.
Typical politician Mike Ross.
Some things shouldn’t be for sale.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Mike Ross’ Transparency Hypocrisy

Mike Ross Not Really Inclusive
New RGA Web Video: The Republican Governors Association released a web video which shows that Democrat Mike Ross, who claims to value transparency, has repeatedly acted otherwise, deploying staffers and allies to thwart efforts of those attempting to hold him accountable. “There is only one explanation for Mike Ross’ aversion to having his comments on camera: He doesn’t want Arkansans to know what he’s saying behind closed doors,” said RGA Communications Director Gail Gitcho. “Arkansans are being duped by Ross as he paints himself as a moderate, and they deserve to know the truth behind Ross’ record as a liberal Pelosi Democrat. What is Mike Ross hiding?”

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Griffin Receives Endorsement of Arkansas Right to Life

 Humbled to have the support of the pro-life community in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK – Second District Congressman Tim Griffin has received the endorsement of the Arkansas Right to Life in his race for Lieutenant Governor. Griffin, a Republican, released the following statement:
“I am humbled to have earned the support of Arkansas Right to Life. I have a 100 percent pro-life voting record—something I am very proud of. I believe strongly in the sanctity of human life and will continue to be an advocate for life.”Wayne Mays, President of Arkansas Right to Life, said, “We appreciate the values by which you live, the inspiration you provide those in your community and the courage with which you stand up for the principles in which you believe. The countless Arkansans who respect the sanctity of innocent human life appreciate the deep commitment you have for this important issue.”

Read the full endorsement letter from the Arkansas Right to Life

About Congressman Tim Griffin
Congressman Tim Griffin was re-elected as the 24th representative of Arkansas’s Second Congressional District on November 6, 2012. For the 113th Congress, he is a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means while also serving as an Assistant Whip for the majority. In the 112th Congress, he served as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Griffin is a graduate of Magnolia High School, Hendrix College in Conway and Tulane Law School in New Orleans, and attended graduate school at Oxford University. He has served in the U.S. Army Reserve for 17 years, was deployed to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He also served as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas and Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Political Affairs for President George W. Bush. Griffin lives in Little Rock with his wife Elizabeth, a Camden native, and their two children.< For more information about the campaign, visit Griffin supporters can also follow the campaign on Twitter at and on Facebook at

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Asa Hutchinson Announces “Teachers for Asa” Coalition; Committed to Finding Solution to Teacher Insurance

LITTLE ROCK – Republican gubernatorial nominee Asa Hutchinson is proud to announce the “Teachers for Asa” coalition. Teachers from all across the state gathered on the steps of the state Capitol Saturday to endorse Asa’s plan for education and his commitment to support our teachers in finding a long-term fix to the teacher insurance problem.
“As a product of Arkansas public schools, I understand firsthand the critical role education plays in developing our young people. In fact, all four of my children finished their high school education in the Fort Smith public school system, and Susan, my wife of 41 years, has spent a good deal of time in Arkansas public schools as a substitute teacher.

“Arkansas teachers are key to our state’s future success. It has long been my belief that tax reduction coupled with an improved education system will lead to job creation and economic growth, my number one priority as the next governor. Arkansas has a chance to lead in areas many thought we never could, including technology education, which is why I am committed to making computer science courses available in every Arkansas high school within four years. Nationally, less than 1 in 10 schools offer the curriculum even though programming jobs are growing at twice the national average.

“Our teachers will help us reach these goals. We are competing for jobs in the global marketplace and these jobs will flow to states best equipped with the skilled workforce and educational system that matches the critical technological training of the modern workplace. Arkansas has the opportunity to be one of these states.”
Teachers for Asa is a coalition of teachers, administrators and others who are invested in the education of our children and who believe that Asa Hutchinson is the best choice, not just for Arkansas, but also for Arkansas’s teachers. The coalition will advise Asa and the campaign on issues that are important to teachers and will work to elect Asa as governor of Arkansas.

Teachers for Asa will be part of the grassroots organization that will inform and mobilize support for Asa across the state. The input from the coalition will help the campaign reach teachers and other education professionals by:
  • Voicing the issues important to teachers;
  • Providing input on specific policy concerns;
  • Sharing Asa’s plans for education with other teachers and administrators;
  • Working to register teachers to vote;
  • Mobilizing supporters to vote;

Asa understands the importance teachers’ roles are to the future of the state, and he recognizes the burden they currently face with teachers insurance and is committed to help find a substantive solution to the ongoing problem.
“I am proud to have the support of these teachers standing with me today, and as governor, I promise to stand with them to find a long-term solution to the teacher insurance problem currently facing our state. Our teachers have the incredible responsibility of preparing the next generation of Arkansans, and I believe they should not be forced to wonder where their next paycheck is going or if they can afford reliable health care.”Teachers Kayla Davidson of Jonesboro and Cindy Allen of Fort Smith have been appointed honorary co-chairs for “Teachers for Asa”.

"As a teacher, I know the struggles and opportunities facing educators in this state," said Davidson. "Arkansas teachers need a leader who will work with us to ensure that teachers health insurance is protected and that we have a voice at the State Capitol.”

"The number of hours and the amount of work many teachers put into their students often goes unnoticed, but the challenges they face every day are very real," added Allen. "Asa Hutchinson is exactly the kind of leader teachers need in Little Rock. He will fight for us and fight for the future of our health care. I am certain his vision for education, especially his plan to put computer science in every Arkansas high school, and the state as a whole is what we need to grow our economy and create jobs.”

About Asa:
Asa Hutchinson is the Republican nominee for Governor of Arkansas. He has served as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, Congressman from the 3rd Congressional District, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency and Under Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Asa has spent the majority of his career in the private sector as a small business owner, lawyer and entrepreneur. He and his wife Susan have been married for forty years and have four grown children and five grandchildren.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rutledge Criticizes Opponent's Legislative Package & Record

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Former prosecutor and candidate for Attorney General Leslie Rutledge released the following statement following her Democratic opponent's announcement of a legislative package:

The role of AG is to enforce and defend the law, not legislate. My opponent had the opportunity to legislate in the General Assembly and often voted present on important legislation, even legislation to protect children from sexual predators. Rather than spending time on issues the Attorney General cannot do, I am focused on my plan to strengthen the programs already in place. For over a year, I have talked to Arkansans about my plan to enhance the Cyber Crimes Unit of the Attorney General's Office to go after those sexual predators and human traffickers who seek to harm and exploit our children.

My opponent has repeatedly stated "Doing nothing is not an option." In spite of his rhetoric, my opponent has a record of avoiding tough issues as a legislator. He was a non-voting member for the SB 2 Voter ID legislation, he was a non voting member for SB 134 pro-life legislation before changing his vote to a "No" after the Governor vetoed, and he the only member to vote "Present" on SB 12 to prohibit the most dangerous sex offenders from being at children's swimming areas and playgrounds.

My opponent's claim of "zero tolerance for sexual predators" is especially outrageous. He was the only House member to vote present on a bill that would prohibit the most dangerous sex offenders from being at swimming areas or children's playgrounds. His present vote demonstrates that he was on the House floor when the votes were cast but chose to not take a stand for our children when 90 of his colleagues from both sides of the aisle cast their votes in favor of a bill that would protect our children. As a prosecutor, my opponent gave a Level 3 sex offender who had been convicted of sexual relations with a 5-year old, a sentence of only 1 year in jail with four years suspended for failing to register.

Nate Steel has a record of not taking a stand to protect our children from convicted sex offenders. If Nate Steel wanted to legislate, he should have run for the the State Senate and not for Attorney General.

As Attorney General, I will use my experience to enforce and defend the law and advise the General Assembly, the Governor and state agencies on legislation to protect Arkansans on day one. As Attorney General, I will be on the front lines of important issues to defend Arkansans from criminals, internet predators, scam artists and an overreaching federal government.

About Leslie Rutledge
A native Arkansan, Rutledge graduated from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and received her law degree from the William H. Bowen School of Law in Little Rock. She began her legal career as Clerk for Arkansas Court of Appeals Judge Josephine Hart, now Associate Justice on the Arkansas Supreme Court. She served as a Deputy Prosecutor for the State of Arkansas and then as Deputy Counsel for Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Legal Counsel on the Mike Huckabee for President Campaign. Rutledge also worked as Legal Counsel for the Republican National Committee. She is currently practicing law at The Rutledge Firm, PLLC, in Little Rock.

The following are key issues for Leslie Rutledge’s campaign for Attorney General:

• Protecting Arkansas Seniors

• Prosecuting Criminals and Internet Predators

• Standing Up to Federal Overreach

• Restoring Public Trust

• Consumer Protection

• Sanctity of Life

• Preserving Second Amendment Rights

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Arkansas is Paying the Price

by Americans for Prosperity: Mark Pryor has made life less affordable for the people he represents. Tell Pryor Arkansans are tired of paying the price for his Big Government policies.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Obama-Pryor Amnesty Plan

When you look at Senator Mark Pryor's voting record, you wonder if he realizes he represents Arkansans. The Obama-Pryor amnesty plan is Exhibit A.

Senator Pryor says he's for tough immigration reform, yet he supports Obama's plan for what is essentially AMNESTY.
[Video Link]

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Gov. Mitt Romney Romney Endorses Tom Cotton For U.S. Senate

Mitt Romney endorses Tom Cotton for U.S. Senate:

A Message From Gov. Mitt Romney While Campaigning With Tom Cotton
Former GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney campaigned alongside U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton Thursday in North Little Rock. At a press event Thursday morning, Romney told members of the press that he's supporting Cotton because Cotton will stand up to President Obama and Harry Reid and take the U.S. Senate in a conservative new direction.

Romney said: "I don't think the President or Harry Reid understand what it takes to get this economy going and put people back to work. They've had their chance over the last six years, and their recovery has just not done the job for the people of Arkansas. Tom Cotton understands what it takes to get people back to work."

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August in Arkansas

Learning about sweet potato farming
at Matthews Ridge View Farm in Wynne
by U.S. Senator John Boozman: Arkansans understand the weather in our state changes rapidly, but one thing is certain – summers are hot! So it may surprise you to find out that one of my favorite times of year is August, the pinnacle of heat and humidity. It’s one of my favorite times of year because I get to spend the month in Arkansas.

As a regular feature of the Congressional calendar, Congress adjourns for the month. This allows my colleagues and me an opportunity to go home and spend significant time in the state we represent. The break from Washington gives me an opportunity to travel around the state to meet with Arkansans, attend weekday meetings and host an agriculture tour.

We were blessed to have unseasonably mild weather for Arkansas in August as we made our way through Central Arkansas and the Delta. As part of the tour, I met with producers, ranchers and other agribusinesses, toured agriculture facilities, and spoke at the Arkansas County Farm Bureau meeting.

I had the opportunity to meet with Keith Forrester and his wife Jill, former public school teachers turned farmers. They grow heirloom vegetables, fruit, cut flowers, herbs, trees and mushrooms. Their farmland in Tyronza, Poinsett County, has been in the Forrester family for almost 100 years.

I appreciate this break from Washington because I’d much rather spend time in our state visiting with fellow Arkansans and hearing what issues are of concern to you. While traveling around the state, I gain a better understanding of how to vote and make improvements to our laws to make sure that our tax dollars are being used best.

If you see me around in Arkansas, please don’t hesitate to stop and talk with me.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

McCarthy & Hill Criticize Patrick Henry Hays’ Blind Support for Obama’s Job-Killing Agenda

Patrick Hays Encouraged and
Supported This Action By Obama.
 Little Rock, Aransas — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives (AR-02), French Hill, held a press conference at Welspun Tubular yesterday criticizing 26-year, career politician Patrick Henry Hays for his blind support for Obama’s radical environmentalist agenda.

“We need careers, opportunities, and choices—not government mandates,” said French Hill. “Sadly, Patrick Henry Hays supports President Obama’s job-killing global warming agenda that is directly hurting workers here at Welspun.”
In 2011, Hays joined 23 other mayors to express “grave concerns” with the Keystone XL pipeline to the U.S. State Department. He also petitioned President Obama to deny the Keystone XL pipeline’s permit because it was “not in the national interest.”

“The choice in Arkansas this fall is clear: French Hill, a businessman who will serve as a check-and-balance against the Obama Administration’s job-killing agenda, or Patrick Henry Hays, a 26-year, career politician who will side with Nancy Pelosi and President Obama in Washington,” said Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Welspun Tubular is a Little Rock pipeline company that currently has more than 350 miles of pipe waiting for Keystone XL installation.  The U.S. State Department must approve the pipeline because it crosses an international border with Canada. The Obama administration has repeatedly delayed its approval. It has now been 2161 days—nearly six years—since the application to build the job-creating energy infrastructure project was first submitted to the State Department. Analysis by the U.S. State Department concluded that the Keystone XL project would support 42,000 jobs.
French Hill is a businessman, civic leader and ninth generation Arkansan. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Delta Trust & Banking Corp., a community bank headquartered in Little Rock. In his previous roles, French served as senior policy advisor to President George H.W. Bush in the White House and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. Will not be supporting the Obama agenda!

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Arkansas Manufacturing Can't Count On Senator Pryor - Prior Votes 90% With Obama

AFP-Arkansas: Mark Pryor votes with Obama 90%
of the time. They have been working tirelessly to
spread their Liberal agenda to Arkansas. It's clear
that President Obama and Senator Pryor are out
 of touch with Arkansas and America
 The Pryor-Obama economic agenda has been a disaster for American manufacturing jobs 
Little Rock, Arkansas — This week, Senator Pryor is traveling the state on a taxpayer-funded campaign tour designed to convince Arkansans that after six years of rubber-stamping President Obama's agenda, he somehow cares about creating jobs.  Don't be fooled. Here are the facts:
  • Since Senator Pryor went to Washington, Arkansas has lost 55,000 manufacturing and 5,000 construction jobs. 
  • In June 2008, Pryor voted for a national cap-and-trade system that would harm Arkansas manufacturing. According to a National Association Of Manufacturers Study, the cap-and-trade system Pryor supported would have killed as many as 39,000 Arkansas jobs.
  • In December 2009, Mark Pryor joined his Democratic Senate colleagues voting in lockstep to cast the deciding vote to pass Obamacare, which hurt manufacturers and stifled job growth. According to a survey by NAM and IndustryWeek, one-third of manufacturers said Obamacare had reduced their outlook for 2014.
  • In November 2011, Pryor voted against a resolution that would have nullified an EPA rule regarding cross-state air pollution hurting Arkansas manufacturing. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) said the EPA’s cross-state air pollution rule that Pryor supported “will only place more burdens on our economy by increasing utility costs.”
Cotton spokesman David Ray said: "Senator Pryor's lockstep support for President Obama's agenda is hurting Arkansas manufacturing and no amount of taxpayer-funded press conferences will change that reality. Voters who want to see new jobs and economic growth should support Tom Cotton, who has the support of the NFIB, America's largest small business organization."
Arkansas Has Lost Construction Jobs Since Pryor Has Been In Washington
Arkansas Has Lost 5,000 Construction Jobs Since Mark Pryor Went To Washington In 2003. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 8/18/14)
Arkansas Has Lost Manufacturing Jobs Since Pryor Has Been In Washington
Arkansas Has Lost 55,900 Manufacturing Jobs Since Mark Pryor Went To Washington In 2003. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 8/18/14)
Pryor Has Voted For A Cap-And-Trade Plan That Would Hurt Manufacturing
In June 2008, Pryor Voted In Favor Of A National Cap-And-Trade System That Would Hurt Arkansas Manufacturing. “Motion to invoke cloture (thus limiting debate) on the Boxer, D-Calif., substitute amendment no. 4825 that would cap greenhouse gas emissions nationwide and set up a trading system for companies to buy and sell emissions allowances.” (S. 3036, CQ Vote #145: Rejected 48-36: R 7-32; D 39-4; I 2-0, 6/6/08, Pryor Voted Yea)
According To A National Association Of Manufacturers Study, The Cap-And-Trade System Pryor Supported Would Have Killed As Many As 39,000 Arkansas Jobs. “Under L/W, Arkansas would lose 10,985 to 16,524 jobs in 2020 and 29,736 to 39,583 jobs in 2030 (Figure 2). The primary cause of job losses would be lower industrial output due to higher energy prices, the high cost of complying with required emissions cuts, and greater competition from overseas manufacturers with lower energy costs.” (“Analysis Of The Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act (S. 2191) Using The National Energy Modeling System,” NAM/ACCF, 3/12/08)
Arkansas’s Major Manufacturing Sectors, Food Products And Paper Products, Would Have Been Hardest Hit By Cap-And-Trade. “Arkansas’ major economic sectors will be affected by emission caps (Figure 5.4) The current two largest sectors, food products manufacturing and paper products manufacturing, show decreases in output of 1.4% to 2.4% and 4.7% to 7.1%, respectively in 2020. All manufacturing sectors will suffer output losses of between 2.6% and 4.2% by 2020, while output from energy intensive sectors fall between 2.2% and 4.3%. In addition, the general shift away from coal would result in a 36.1% to 37.5% reduction in coal production and electricity production would fall by 4.1% to 6.5% (Figure 6). These losses would be significantly higher by 2030 and would have a lasting impact on Arkansas’ economic base.” (“Analysis Of The Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act (S. 2191) Using The National Energy Modeling System,” NAM/ACCF, 3/12/08)
Pryor Supported An Obama EPA Regulation That Hurts Arkansas Manufacturing
In November 2011, Pryor Voted Against A Resolution That Would Have Nullified An EPA Rule Regarding Cross-State Air Pollution. “McConnell, R-Ky., motion to proceed to the joint resolution that would nullify the EPA rule regarding regulation of cross-state air pollution.” (S. J. Res. 27, CQ Vote #201: Motion rejected 41-56: R 39-6; D 2-48; I 0-2, 11/10/11, Pryor Voted Nay)
The National Association Of Manufacturers Said The EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule That Pryor Supported “Will Only Place More Burdens On Our Economy By Increasing Utility Costs.”  “National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Vice President for Energy and Resources Policy Chip Yost released this statement on the petition the NAM filed today with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reconsider and stay the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule: ‘The EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution rule will only place more burdens on our economy by increasing utility costs. Manufacturers use one-third of our nation’s energy supply, and this rule will only make it more difficult for manufacturers to remain competitive.’” (NAM, “Manufacturers File Petition On EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule,” Press Release, 10/5/11)
Obamacare Has Hurt Manufacturers And Stifled Job Growth
In December 2009, Pryor Cast The Deciding Vote To Pass Obamacare. (H.R. 3590, CQ Vote #396: Passed 60-39: R 0-39; D 58-0; I 2-0, 12/24/09, Pryor Voted Yea; H.R. 3590, CQ Vote #395: Passed 60-39: R 0-39; D 58-0; I 2-0, 12/23/09, Pryor Voted Yea)
According To A Survey By NAM And IndustryWeek, One-Third Of Manufacturers Said Obamacare Had Reduced Their Outlook For 2014. “According to the survey, the ACA and the accompanying uncertainties have had effects that extend well beyond premium payments and have placed a roadblock in manufacturers’ efforts to invest and grow. When asked about how these uncertainties have impacted their business (Figure 2), nearly one-third said they had reduced their outlook for 2014, and a sizable percentage had reduced employment or stopped hiring (23.1%) and/or reduced or slowed down their business investment (20.2%). While some industry sectors have reduced hours for their employees, a relatively small number of manufacturers have done so as a result of the ACA (7.9%). Given the fragile economy and continuing high unemployment levels, the impact of the ACA is clearly being felt far beyond the health care market, and these concerns will likely continue well into the future.” (Chad Moutray, “Manufacturers Cite Health Care As Top Concern In NAM/IndustryWeek Survey,” IndustryWeek, 12/9/13)
Manufacturers Said Their Health Insurance Costs Increased Forcing Some To Increase Employee Copays, Reduce Coverage, Or Change Insurance Providers. “The numbers paint a picture of a health care system that has forced many manufacturers into making some difficult decisions. Most importantly, 90.6% of manufacturers said their health insurance premiums had increased (Table 1). Beyond that, some of these firms have also had to increase employee copays (58.6%), reduce coverage (27.7%) and/or change insurance providers (17.6%) to lower their costs. Even after taking these steps, the average increase in health insurance costs within the manufacturing sector for 2014 was 8.76%, with just more than three-quarters of respondents saying their increase was at least 5.0%.” (Chad Moutray, “Manufacturers Cite Health Care As Top Concern In NAM/IndustryWeek Survey,” IndustryWeek, 12/9/13)

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