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EPA, Fish and Wildlife Service Have Trouble with Common Sense Rules

  Editor's Comment: The following comments by Congressman Rick Crawford, Arkansas 1st District are a followup to the situation touched on in the video shared yesterday in an article titled: Rep. Crawford Questions FWS about Hatcheries | FWS Closing Hatcheries Without Considering Economic Impact

by Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-01): I had opportunities this week to ask questions about two federal agencies that have trouble implementing common sense regulations -- the Environmental Protection Agency and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

First, I asked FWS officials whether they considered economic impacts -- such as the number of jobs and total economic activity -- when drafting their strategic hatchery and workforce planning report for the national fish hatchery system. Those officials told me they did not.

Since elected, one of my top priorities has been to find a permanent funding solution for our mitigation hatcheries in the First District. These mitigation hatcheries at Lake Norfork and Greers Ferry Lake have a combined yearly economic impact of more than $150 million and support more than 1,700 jobs. The local and regional economies will be severely impacted by any decision from agency officials to close either of these hatcheries.

I'll keep pressuring the agencies in charge of operating these hatcheries to make sure they stay operating with an equitable, long-term solution.

Secondly, I asked witnesses at a House Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment whether they have experienced municipality hardships related to EPA's permitting process for endangered species.

The witnesses relayed the significant financial costs that would affect municipal rate payers as well as the complexity and costs associated with compliance.

My "Common Sense in Species Protection Act" will ensure that a true economic impact study on the people, businesses, and municipalities in a proposed Critical Habitat Designation will take place before any private or public property is placed in it. The bill provides a common sense solution to a regulation sorely needing it.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rep. Crawford Questions FWS about Hatcheries | FWS Closing Hatcheries Without Considering Economic Impact

The Feds are at it again.  Fish and Wildlife Service  is closing Fish Hatcheries without regard to either the economic impact or the promises made when the Feds took land and turned water rivers into cold rivers by building dams.  The Government Revenue generated as a result of these Fish Hatcheries exceeds the cost of the hatcheries.  Additionally, the local communities as well as the States receive considerable revenue from the rivers being stocked by the hatcheries.  A win-win for everyone.

But the Fish and Wildlife Service admits in the congressional hearing (see video below) that  they have closed and intend to close more  Fish Hatcheries without consideration the facts of the positive economic impact. The questioning by  Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-1st District) evidences that he was more than dissatisfied with the comments by Steve Guertin and the actions of the Fish and Wildlife Service failing to even following their own proposed plan and its failure to consider the economic impact in the hatcheries they have already closed.

It should be noted that FWS closure evidence the Obama administrations war on rural communities.

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84,100 Arkansans Unemployed ! 45 Arkansas Counties Lose Jobs

by Americans For Prosperity Arkansas:

by Greg Kaza, Executive Director, Arkansas Policy Foundation: (July 2014) Arkansas state government's $78.7 million general-revenue surplus in the fiscal year (2013-14) that ended June 301 illustrates it is possible to cut income tax rates without cutting state programs.

The Murphy Commission, a Policy Foundation project, spent three years reviewing Arkansas' tax system before publishing two 1998 studies2 that concluded rates were a factor affecting economic development. The Murphy Commission recommended cutting state income tax and capital gains rates.3

The U.S. economy has been expanding since June 2009, and Arkansas state government recorded surpluses totaling more than $500 million in the previous three fiscal years (2010-11, 2011-12, and 2012-13).

Hutchinson Proposal

The top income tax rate (6.9%)4 could be reduced to at least 6.7%, with larger reductions in lower brackets if the surplus was applied to cutting rates.

Income tax rate reduction has emerged as an issue in the governor's race. Republican nominee Asa Hutchinson has proposed cutting the state's income-tax rate from 7% to 6% for individuals earning between $34,000 and $75,000, and from 6% to 5% on those earning between $20,400 and $34,000." Hutchinson said he would act in his first year as governor.5

Surpluses are occurring because the economy is in the expansion phase of the business cycle.
1 "State rolls up surplus of $78 million for year," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, July 3, 2014
2 Taxes And Savings In Arkansas (Dr. S. Keith Berry) and Improving Productivity By Reducing Taxes (Dr. Ronald John Hy and Dr. R. Lawson Veasey). They are posted online at the Policy Foundation's site ( at the Murphy Commission link.
3 The capital gains rate has been cut from 7.0 to 3.5%.
4 Effective in 2015.
5 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, May 11, 2014

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Time To Dump Mark Pryor - Loved by Obama & Reid - Voted for Obamacare

 It's no surprise that Senator Pryor is running from his record. He votes with President Obama 95% of the time!

Senator Pryor voted for ObamaCare, and he continues to insist that it’s an "amazing success."

AND Senator Pryor is a solid vote for Harry Reid.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Griffin Works to Provide Certainty to Firefighters

Says, ‘we must ensure that these programs continue to…protect our nation’s communities’

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tim Griffin (AR-02) issued the following statement after leading 63 of his House colleagues, with bipartisan support, in sending a letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to express support for the Federal Excess Personal Property Program and the Firefighter Property Program in response to recent decisions made by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
“The recent decisions by DoD and EPA have caused considerable uncertainty about the future of these important programs. These policy changes present challenges for local firefighting agencies in Arkansas and across America that depend on the equipment they receive from DoD to fight wildfires and keep our communities safe. We must ensure that these programs continue to support firefighters who protect our nation’s communities.”On June 19, 2014, DoD, citing compliance with EPA emissions standards, issued new regulations that blocked the transfer of excess military vehicles to state and local firefighting agencies through the Federal Excess Personal Property Program and the Firefighter Property Program. These federal property transfer programs supply local firefighting agencies with more than $150 million in critically important equipment every year.

On July 9, 2014, DoD reversed its questionable decision regarding the blocked transfer. Congressman Griffin led the effort in the House to reverse the decision, supporting the efforts of Senator John McCain and 24 other U.S. Senators in their July 10, 2014 letter to find out what prompted this questionable course of action in the first place.

Now, new questions have arisen about other changes in policy that could present other challenges for local firefighting agencies, specifically on the issues of vehicle title status and the ability of local firefighting agencies to sell or trade the equipment they receive from DoD.

This prompted Congressman Griffin to send this letter today asking for answers to these new important questions. Today’s letter is a continuation of Congressman Griffin’s efforts to ensure our firefighters are provided with the equipment needed to protect our communities.

Congressman Griffin’s letter is supported by: the Arkansas State Firefighters Association, Congressional Fire Services Institute, National Volunteer Fire Council, International Association of Fire Chiefs and National Association of State Foresters.

The full text of Congressman Griffin’s letter [PDF] is below:

July 24, 2014

The Honorable Chuck Hagel
Secretary of Defense
1400 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1400

Dear Secretary Hagel:

We write to express our support for the Federal Excess Personal Property Program (FEPP) and the Firefighter Property Program (FFP), and we ask that you take all steps necessary to ensure that recent decisions about the programs, which have led to considerable uncertainty about their future, are fully rescinded or otherwise addressed as soon as possible.  As you know, on June 19, 2014, the Department of Defense (DoD), citing compliance issues with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions standards, issued questionable new guidelines that directly led to a suspension of the delivery of surplus firefighting equipment through the FEPP and the FFP.  We strongly disagreed with the original decision to impose these new restrictions, and welcomed the news on July 9, 2014, that DoD had ended their unnecessary and unwarranted suspension of these critical programs.   

While we were encouraged to see the DoD take steps to reverse what would have been a highly disruptive change in policy, the circumstances and unanswered questions behind the original decisions continue to concern us.  We look forward to your response to the letter sent by Senator John McCain and 24 other United States Senators on July 10, 2014, that will hopefully provide the answers the public deserves about the decision making process that could have essentially closed down these vital programs at the height of wildfire season.

The July 9, 2014 guidance issued by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the agency responsible for the management and allocation of DoD equipment and property, seems to ensure all firefighting equipment transfers will continue under their current, longstanding agreements.  These critical programs provide much needed equipment to firefighting agencies that would otherwise be placed in storage or destroyed by DoD.  In particular, the directive provided assurance that Firefighter Programs would “continue to receive equipment managed through these programs.   Both programs will be covered by the applicable National Security Exemptions (NSEs) previously granted by EPA.” And that “DLA will notify both programs today that the temporary restriction on the release of equipment has been rescinded.”
This guidance, as well as additional assurance provided by DLA to congressional staff that it was their intent to continue providing all previously available excess equipment to local firefighting agencies, came as a great relief to our constituents who were depending on this decision to be reversed.  However, since this directive was issued, new questions have emerged that demand immediate attention and guidance.  We respectfully ask that you answer these questions no later than July 31, 2014:

1)      What if any additional burdens will be placed on the DLA, the U.S. Forest Service, or state and local firefighting agencies on the issue of “retitling” surplus DoD equipment?  If there is a significant change in the longstanding policies with regard to vehicle titles, why is such a change necessary given the long and successful track record of the program as it currently operates?

2)      What if any changes have been made to the guidelines and rules over the resale or transfer of excess DoD equipment provided through the FEPP and FFP to local firefighting agencies?

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter.  As the uncertainty about this issue is having a direct effect on local firefighting agencies, we would consider this a time sensitive matter and reiterate our request that you provide your answers to these important questions on or before July 31, 2014.  

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How You Can Take The Senate From Harry Reid

Did you see the video of Mark Pryor running from reporters? It’s absolutely hilarious. It’s also incredibly scary that we have a sitting U.S. Senator who is so desperate to hide from his record that he won’t answer basic questions. Click here to watch the video.

Why won’t Pryor debate? He doesn’t want to explain his support for Harry Reid.

He doesn’t want to explain his support of ObamaCare; he doesn't want to explain why he took advantage of Arkansas tornado victims; he doesn't want to explain his false attacks against our campaign ...

... and he definitely doesn’t want to explain why he supports Obama more than 90% of the time.
If you want to take the U.S. Senate back from Harry Reid,   Make Senator Pryor stop running and start answering questions.

Support Tom Cotton for Senate!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Democratic Congressman Mike Ross Supported Radical & Liberal Takeover of Healthcare

. . . Including A Government Run Public Option, Individual Mandate and  Employer Mandate

Little Rock – Congressman Mike Ross openly admits that he voted for H.R. 3200, a bill that was even more liberal than Obamacare. Ross claims that he does not support Obamacare and yet, while in Congress, Ross supported the original federal healthcare reform legislation that contained a government run public option, individual mandate, employer mandate and healthcare exchanges.

Congressman Ross tells Arkansans that he voted against Obamacare because he does not support the federal government overreach after he voted for all of the elements that he claims to oppose. Congressman Ross was proud of his efforts to pass healthcare reform and many Democratic leaders credited him at the time of being the key behind the passage of the initial reform bill.

Congressman Ross will be quick to point out that H.R. 3200 never became law, and that it eventually died well after his vote was cast. That does not negate the fact that Congressman Ross cut a deal with President Obama, supported H.R. 3200 and when he saw that is was politically unpopular, he flipped and said that he wouldn’t support the final legislation.

Arkansans deserve to know the truth about Congressman Ross’ long history with a liberal takeover of their healthcare.

  • In July of 2009, H.R. 3200 would have to emerge from the House Energy and Commerce committee if it was ever going to make it to the House floor.
  • Congressman Ross brokered a deal to vote for H.R. 3200:
    • "After two weeks of very long and intense negotiations, I'm proud to report that we've reached an agreement that will allow healthcare reform to move forward," said Arkansas Rep. Mike Ross, a top negotiator for Blue Dog Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee.
  • Congressman Ross voted to kill an amendment that would require congress to enroll in the government run public option despite saying on his own website that Congress should be the first to receive:

  • Congressman Ross voted against an amendment requiring that all Americans be given the same level of healthcare choice that members of congress receive:
  • Congressman Ross voted against an amendment that would block the income tax surcharge to fund the sweeping healthcare overhaul:

  • Congressman Ross voted against an amendment to reduce cuts to Medicare:
Contact: Christian Olson ( or (501) 920-4074)
Asa Hutchinson is the Republican nominee for Governor of Arkansas. He has served as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, Congressman from the 3rd Congressional District, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency and Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Asa has spent the majority of his career in the private sector as a small business owner, lawyer and entrepreneur. He and his wife Susan have been married for forty years and have four grown children and five grandchildren.

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Out-Of-Touch Senator Pryor Doubles Down On Opposition To Voter ID

  Pryor continues baseless accusations of "voter intimidation," while alienating his constituents
Little Rock, Arkansas —  In a series of inflammatory fundraising emails filled with reckless accusations of voter intimidation, Senator Pryor is continuing to double-down on his opposition to voter ID, a position that undoubtedly riles up his far-left donor base but alienates the vast majority of Arkansans.

In recent days, Senator Pryor has accused Republicans of "suppression tactics," "intimidation tactics," and "trying to steal the election." Despite the fact that Senator Pryor has yet to provide any proof to back up his reckless claims, his inflammatory rhetoric remains unscrutinized by Arkansas press.

One side effect of Senator Pryor's unwavering opposition to voter ID is that he is once again boxing himself into a policy position that is far outside the mainstream (Obamacare, anyone?). There aren't many issues in our modern political environment that attract a majority of support from Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, but voter ID is one of them. A poll from May showed  nationwide support for the law at an impressive 70%, including 91% of Republicans, 66% of Independents, and even 55% of Democrats.

RPA Chairman Doyle Webb said:  "Senator Pryor is so out-of-touch with Arkansas, he's now campaigning against measures that have the support of even a majority of Democrats. While the vast majority of Arkansans support voter ID, Senator Pryor continues level baseless accusations against Republicans in order to rake in more donations from his far-left donor base."

The Republican Party of Arkansas  called on Senator Pryor  last week to retract his reckless accusations of "suppression tactics," "intimidation tactics," and "trying to steal the election."

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Witt Rejected by Jefferson County Court

 Little Rock - The Republican Party of Arkansas released the following statement from Chairman Doyle Webb on the recent admission by the coordinator of the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management that Witt O’Brien’s, the firm headed by Democratic congressional candidate James Lee Witt, tried to game the system to obtain a government contract worth tens of thousands of dollars:
Last week’s attempt by James Lee Witt to unfairly game the system so his company could win another taxpayer-funded contract without competition might have been the norm when he was a county judge last century, but it has no place in modern Arkansas, and certainly no place in Congress.”– Doyle Webb, RPA Chairman
James Lee Witt Is The Executive Chairman Of The Board Of Witt O’Brien’s. (, accessed 7/15/14)

Jefferson County Quorum Court Tables Ordinance To Give James Lee Witt’s Company A Government Contract Without Competitive Bidding. “A proposed ordinance that would have waived competitive bidding and awarded a contract to Witt O’Brien’s to update Jefferson County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan was tabled Monday night by the Jefferson County Quorum Court after several members expressed concern about the process” (Ray King, “Quorum court rejects waiving competitive bidding on hazard mitigation plan,” Pine Bluff Commercial,” 7/14/14)

Jefferson County OEM Said James Lee Witt’s Company ‘Best Fits.’ “[T]he county office has received a grant from the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management to update the hazard mitigation plan and has determined that Witt O’Brien’s, a risk management consulting firm, “is highly qualified and best fits the needs of the county.” (Ray King, “Quorum court asked to waive competitive bidding for hazard mitigation plan,” Pine Bluff Commercial, 7/12/14)

Well Of Course James Lee Witt’s Company ‘Best Fits,’ James Lee Witt’s Company Wrote The Grant Application. “[OEM Coordinator Karen Blevins] said Witt O’Brien provided assistance in writing a grant to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management that resulted in the county receiving a state grant for more than $41,000 to help pay for the creation of the hazardous mitigation plan.” (Ray King, “Quorum court rejects waiving competitive bidding on hazard mitigation plan,” Pine Bluff Commercial,” 7/14/14)

And It Turns Out There Are Other Firms Other Than James Lee Witt’s Company That Can Do The Job. “Justice of the Peace Dr. Conley Byrd also questioned the proposal, asking Karen Blevins, coordinator of the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management if Witt O’Brien was the only company capable of writing a hazard mitigation plan. Blevins said there were other companies who could write the plan…” (Ray King, “Quorum court rejects waiving competitive bidding on hazard mitigation plan,” Pine Bluff Commercial,” 7/14/14)

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Pryor Ducks KARK Debate

What is Sen. Mark Pryor afraid of? He is the Incumbent Senator. Isn't the Senator in charge of his own campaign? Well. he responds like he is not in control of his own campaign. See for yourself:

KARK Video Link

In fact, we shouldn't be surprised. Pryor has ducked supporting the majority of his constituents positions on issues. He continually voted in support of President Obama and Speaker Harry Reid and against his constituents. He knows 63% of Arkansas in the last presidential race voted against Barack Obama.

Also, Mr. Pryor is probably mulling over in his mind the trouncing that Sen. John Boozman gave former Sen. Blanche Lincoln and ending her political career in Arkansas.  Of course Lincoln intended to return to Virginia where she and her husband really lived.  Pryor is also probably worried about where he will go.  Time to get this failed blue dog / Reid "backside kissing" senator out of office.

And, Mark, when we do NOT elect you, we encourage you to retire right here in Arkansas and to learn and find out what the majority of fellow Arkansans are like and what they need and want.  For sure it is not the vision of President Obama, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.

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RGA Releases New Ad In The Arkansas Governor’s Race: “You Know”

 WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association released a new television advertisement today in the Arkansas governor’s race, which underscores how Democrat Mike Ross is drastically out of step with Arkansas priorities.

“Liberal Mike Ross built his career following the lead of radical tax-and-spend Washington politicians,” said RGA Communications Director Gail Gitcho. “For years in Congress, Ross sided with Nancy Pelosi, fighting for her extreme agenda instead of Arkansas families and small businesses. Mike Ross is wrong on taxes, wrong on spending, wrong on health care, and wrong for Arkansas.”

Click the Image or This Link to View the Ad


You know Mike Ross helped Nancy Pelosi run up trillions in debt.

And that Ross voted with Pelosi to waste billions on the stimulus and big government bailouts.

But there’s more.

Mike Ross voted with Pelosi over 80 times against taxpayers.

Over 80 times.

Even worse, Mike Ross voted for government health care more radical, more liberal and more intrusive than the Obamacare disaster.

Mike Ross.

Wrong on health care.

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House Republicans Continue Work on “J.O.B.S.” Plan

 Group seeks citizens’ feedback on legislative priorities

Members of the Arkansas House Republican Caucus are ready to take their “J.O.B.S.” plan to the streets. For several months, caucus members have been discussing their legislative agenda for the 2015 session, and now they want feedback from Arkansans before finalizing their priorities. They will hold a series of town hall meetings throughout the state, beginning with one in Batesville on Aug. 5 at 6:30 p.m. with the location to be announced and one in Jonesboro on Aug. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the Earl Bell Center.       

At the biennial Republican Party of Arkansas state convention at the Hot Springs Convention Center on July 19, the House Republican Caucus shared their four-prong focus, entitled “J.O.B.S.” The J.O.B.S. acronym stands for: J-Judicial Reform, O-Opportunity for all Arkansans, B-Business Friendly Environment, S-Schools of Excellence.

 “This will be our basis for potential legislation in 2015,” said State Rep. Ken Bragg, House majority leader. “We will hold town hall meetings around the state to solicit input from constituents about what they want in these four target areas.”

State Rep. Bill Gossage told Republicans at the convention that “the J.O.B.S. plan is a common sense, conservative approach to creating opportunities for all Arkansans.” Gossage serves as chairman of the House Republican Caucus policy committee.

In 2013, the 89 th General Assembly passed 52 new laws under the Republican House Caucus “S.I.M.P.L.E.” plan. That plan had six areas of emphasis: S-Spending Reform, I-Income and Other Tax Reform, M-Medicaid Sustainability, P-Protecting Arkansas' Future, L-Legal and Regulatory Reform, and E-Educational Excellence.  The 90 th General Assembly hopes to accomplish even more with a greater Republican majority in the House.
The House Republican Caucus has held on-going meetings to discuss potential legislation that would address a broad scope of important issues. Among them are discouraging and limiting frivolous lawsuits; expanding opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and job-related training programs;  making business recruitment a top priority; and streamlining career and technical education. Before they finalize their plans, they want feedback from people throughout the state, according to Bragg.

“We want to be able to tell Arkansans at the end of the 90 th General Assembly that ‘they asked for it, and we accomplished it,’” said Bragg. “We represent all Arkansans at the State Capitol, and we want our legislation to reflect their priorities, not just ours.”

The first town hall meeting will take place on Aug. 5 at 6:30 p.m. in Batesville and on Aug. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at Earl Bell Center in Jonesboro. To keep up with other town hall meetings in the future, follow the Republican House Caucus on Twitter at, and Facebook at

For more information, contact Rep. Bill Gossage (479) 209-2803

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Short-Term Highway Bill Opens Door to Better, Long-Term Legislation

I was honored to recently receive the  "AgriBank
Friend of Farm Credit Award." given yearly to one
member of the House and one from the Senate.
The recipients are recognized for their efforts on
behalf of  agriculture and the Farm Credit System.
 AgriBank District. First District resident Tony
Wilkie (left) of Forrest City presented the award.
by Rep. Rick Crawford, AR-01: With August looming just days away, traffic on First District highways and interstates often hits a fever pitch.

First, there’s the last minute family vacation. A new school year starts in less than a month, and dads and moms often pack up the kids for one last adventure or visit before summer’s relaxed routine wraps up.

Right after that last-minute trip, backpack-toting children wait for yellow buses to carry them to the same buildings where some of us learned to read and write. It’s the start of school, and it’s coming whether parents are ready or not.

Then, there’s the opening kickoff for football. That sentence alone can get even the mildest sports fan giddy in our district, and folks will travel countless miles to watch their favorite high school team on Friday nights or the Red Wolves or Razorbacks on Saturdays.

In the middle of this increased traffic volume, we still see business commuters and operations traveling their daily routes to keep us supplied with the products and services we demand.

We rely heavily upon roads in our primarily rural First District. Stretching from the Missouri border in the north to the Louisiana border in the south, our residents often travel many miles before reaching their destinations — especially during August.

But even as the start of the August brings busy and exciting schedules, it also carries a major concern; budget reports cited the insolvency of the U.S. Highway Trust Fund beginning August 1. Compounding that problem, Congress holds its annual monthly recess during August, necessitating its need to take action quickly.

The Highway Trust Fund plays a critical role in our upkeep and development of federal road systems. In fact, my office recently received a letter showing 15 major projects in the First District would fall to the wayside should Congress not act immediately.

Thankfully, my House colleagues passed bipartisan legislation H.R. 5021, the Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014, extending federal surface transportation programs and ensuring the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund through May.

This short-term bill allows Congress to begin immediate work crafting reformed, multi-year legislation so it doesn’t find itself in a similar situation any time soon. In the meantime, we must share and receive ideas for that bill as access to global markets expands through trade negotiations and improved trade routes, such as the current Panama Canal expansion. The U.S. cannot remove its focus from domestic trade routes, and a new Highway Bill will take a needed step to protect the future of our country’s highway and interstate systems and the jobs that depend upon them.

And for future years, we can be sure that Arkansans enjoy their hectic August schedules on First District roads once again.
U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford is running for re-election as U.S. Representative for Arkansas 1st District.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Progressive Vs Conservative Running for For State Treasurer

Democrat nominee for Arkansas State Treasurer Karen Garcia, in recent speeches, doesn't want you to know she's a proud Democrat, supports President Obama (or that she donated to him) and is an avowed Obamacare supporter.

On the video Garcia advocates boldly that, "There is NO DOUBT n my mind, that BARACK OBAMA MUST BE the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES or our access to healthcare in this country will be diminished. For the future of my children and my grandchildren,I MUST HELP ELECT BARACK OBAMA as the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

But take just 30 seconds to watch this video and see with your own eyes what she said at the Democratic National Convention in Colorado.
Arkansas doesn't need to replace Martha Shoffner with yet another dyed-in-the-wool Democrat state party member who only wants to keep the same good old system going that gives us leadership like Obama or Shoffner.  We deserve better.

Recall that Arkansas twice voted over 62% against Mr. Obama.

Whereas, Karen Garcia was a liberal progressive democrat delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Obama ...

... Republican Dennis Milligan was an Arkansas conservative delegate to the Republican National convention for former Governor Mike Huckabee.

Dennis opposes Obamacare. He will restore honesty to a public office tainted by Democrat Martha Shoffner. He will make the public office transparent and open.

Learn more about and Vote for Republican Dennis Milligan for State Treasurer.

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Senator Pryor Hurry's From Reporters

. . . Who Ask Him About Debates
  It's not unusual to see Washington politicians dodge tough questions, but after three months of ducking head-to-head debates with Tom Cotton, Senator Pryor faced questions today about his dismissiveness of major Arkansas TV stations which have proposed debates, including KATV (Little Rock), KARK/FOX-16/KNWA (Little Rock and Fort Smith, and KAIT (Jonesboro).

When KATV reporter Janelle Lilley caught up with Senator Pryor, he wasn't too happy to answer Lilley's questions. In fact, Pryor ran away from the reporters rather than stand and answer their questions.

KATV has been awaiting an answer from Senator Pryor since mid-April when both campaigns were invited. Tom Cotton agreed to the KATV debate over two months ago, but Pryor has so far refused to participate.

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